650TL Safety Valve

Last year at the SIPEC trade fair in Orléans (France), the Innovation Prize went to GEMÜ for the development of its innovative GEMÜ 650TL "safety valve".

Since bacteria replicate rapidly under ideal conditions for growth in a purified water system it is critical to provide complete recirculation at turbulent velocities. This can be a challenge with high demands from multiple points-of-use throughout the entire distribution system. When the GEMÜ 650TL diaphragm valve is used, selected use-points can automatically be closed by the central process monitoring system in critical high use situations. This is achieved by shutting off the instrument air to the spring-to-close actuator, "closing the valve", thereby reducing the demand on the system and increasing flow velocity. Before the valve is operational, an optional proximity switch confirms the handwheel is in the closed position. If the closed position of the hand wheel is not detected, the process monitoring system prevents the supply of instrument air rendering the valve from use until plant operators ensure the valve hand wheel is closed.

This optimized design feature adds to the reputation of the GEMÜ 650TL as a "safety valve", because the additional feature contributes to the safety of plant operators and the integrity of the purified water system.

GEMÜ background information

GEMÜ is one of the world's leading manufacturers of valves, measurement and control systems. Over the course of 50 years, this globally focused, independent family owned enterprise has established itself in important industrial sectors thanks to its innovative products and customised solutions for process media control. GEMÜ is the world market leader for sterile valve applications in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology industries.

Today, the GEMÜ Group employs over 800 employees in Germany and more than 1400 worldwide. Manufacturing is carried out at six manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil, France and the USA. From Germany we coordinate global marketing with 24 subsidiaries and with a large distributor network in 53 markets, the GEMÜ Group is active on all five continents. GEMÜ will continue to establish itself in future markets with its international growth strategy. To achieve this, GEMÜ has opened a new Production and Logistics Centre in 2013.

A broad based modular system and adapted automation components mean that predefined standard products and customised solutions can be combined to make over 400,000 product versions. Further information can be found at www.gemu-group.com.

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