KE-Shake Away(TM) Plus Featured in Home Builder Magazine, The Official Magazine of the Canadian Home Builder's Association (CHBA)

May/June 2008 Vol. 21 NO.3

Jon Eakes is the "go to" expert for home improvement. He is an author, TV and radio broadcaster and tool expert based in Montreal and the Ask the Expert for Home Builder Magazine, Official Magazine of the Canadian Home Builders Association.

After almost 30 years as a prime mover in the field of home renovation - starring in the first national home renovation TV show in North America, to an diverse career in radio and TV broadcasting, to his industry-leading work with regulatory, corporate and government agencies - Jon Eakes is still most interested in spreading knowledge about 'the important basics' - the fine details (and sometimes extended discussion!) the other guys leave out. Jon helps homeowners and trains contractors. He has also released the first two titles of The Jon Eakes DVD Encyclopedia of Home Improvement.

Exerts from article:

Vibrations from Front-Loading Washing Machines

"Kellett Enterprises in the US specializes in vibration isolation pads for industry and they brought out a little $30 set of four pads designed just for this application...

Although the results varied from site to site, we can confidently say that as long as the floor at least meets code (i.e. not a trampoline floor) the tester's judgments ranged from "better" to "incredible". In fact, the letters read almost like a marketing pitch: the testers really liked them."

For more information please visit Jon's Fixit Database has two articles relating directly to vibration.

Kellett Enterprises, Inc was founded in 1960 and operates a 16,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC, USA. They are the pioneer in the development of the 3 layer vibration isolation pad and the manufacturer the LP-13 Shake Absorber® Vibration Isolation pad and the KE Shake Away(TM) Plus pads

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