Tests Prove Tweco Flexi-MIG Conductor Tube Ten Times More Durable Than Competitor's

St. Louis, MO (April 25, 2007) - Tweco, the leading innovator in MIG gun technologies, has released test results that show its new Flexi-MIG conductor tube to be ten times more durable than its primary competitor.

In the tests performed at the Tweco engineering lab in Denton, Texas, the Flexi-MIG conductor tube flexed over 7,000 cycles without failure, while a leading competitor's flexible conductor tube showed signs of failure after as few as 348 cycles. After 700 cycles the competition's product failed completely.

Tubes were flexed a minimum of 90 degrees and as far as allowable. Each time the tube was bent and returned to original from was considered one cycle. The competitor's tube began malfunctioning after 348 cycles. A complete failure, including destruction of internal wires, spiked resistance and arcing sprays of fire and sparks, occurred at 700 cycles. Meanwhile, under the same conditions, the Tweco Flexi-MIG tube reached 7,000 cycles with no noticeable malfunction or failure.

The Tweco design is a highly reliable, flexible, durable patent-pending mechanical ball and socket joint that enables the user to achieve virtually infinite adjustment and firm positioning of the conductor tube. The unique design is a series of mechanical joints instead of off-the-shelf braided copper. It does not suffer from early fatigue-related failure after repeated re-adjustment to new positions by the operator. Each conductor tube is a series of mechanical connections that allow gradual bending of the tube to any angle from straight out of a MIG gun to a maximum of 80 degrees. The conductor tube has been specifically engineered to allow bending while minimizing restriction on wire feeding. In addition, the tube allows the welder to get that same consistent angle and firm feel that a comparable bent rigid tube offers.

Models are offered in three or four connector designs. Each three connector design allows a maximum of 60 degree of bend, four connector tubes are suitable for a maximum of 80 degree bend. Extended reach tubes are also available. The welder can choose which design best suits their everyday needs and get heavy duty performance - even on 80% Duty Cycle guns.

Tweco is an industry leader in the production of electrode holders, ground clamps, lugs, carbons, MIG guns (having sold more than two million) and MIG consumables. In 2006, Tweco surpassed the $100 million milestone of sales to distributors.

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