"Universal Mounting" with Closed Loop Technology

McCordsville, IN - Proportion-Air's MM series of closed loop proportional pressure controls are designed to have universal mounting capabilities. This includes din rail, panel mount or manifold mounting for use on a sub-base for multiple unit applications.

MM units can be mounted in any orientation. Sub-base configurations can accommodate up to 10 units. The sub-base offers a common supply and exhaust port with individually controlled outlet ports to minimize plumbing connections. The manifolds can be manufactured from aluminum or brass.

The MM units are offered as single (MM1) or dual (MM2) closed loop devices. The MM units deliver pressure control linearly proportional to either a DC current or DC voltage command input. Both the MM1 and MM2 have an analog output as standard to be used for data acquisition or for display on a panel meter. The MM2 provides a secondary feedback as an electrical signal that can be used with many types of sensors to monitor force, position, flow etc.

Proportion-Air's electro-pneumatic controls have been a staple of the industry for more than 25 years. Known for engineering excellence, Proportion-Air prides itself on solving its customers' most difficult problems. The world wide headquarters is located in McCordsville, Indiana. Please visit their web site at www.proportionair.com or contact Proportion-Air directly via telephone at 317-335-2602 and e-mail at info@proportionair.com

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