'Past Becomes Future' As Bridgeport Fittings Reintroduces Signaling Products

STRATFORD, Conn., Sept. 18, 2006 - Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., is introducing an extensive line of audible and visual signaling products for the residential and commercial markets. The line - consisting of over 160 SKUs - will be available through Bridgeport Fittings distributors beginning in October and will come to market under the Bridgeport Switch(TM) brand.

The move is actually a reintroduction more than an introduction, as it represents a return to Bridgeport Fittings' historic roots. At its founding in 1925, the company was called Bridgeport Switch and Signaling Products - electrical switches, bells and buzzers were its business. It wasn't until 1930 that fittings were introduced, leading to the company's current position as America's leading source of high quality fittings for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

"Bridgeport Fittings is trusted and relied on by its business partners - independent reps, distributors and contractors - for high quality products when and where they are needed. We have set the same high level of expectations for ourselves with Bridgeport Switch signaling products," said Paul Suzio, President of Bridgeport Fittings.

Suzio pointed out several factors, in addition to the company's heritage, that motivated Bridgeport Fittings' decision to re-enter the signaling market. "Combined purchase orders, the potential for pre-paid freight plus the incentives we're offering - along with the fact that the line is competitively priced to start with - are all factors that enhance the line's attractiveness for distributors," he said.

"Next, while the market for signaling products is mature and steady, it is somewhat underserved," Suzio observed, "meaning that there is room for an additional player. Moreover, signaling products are well understood and easy for distributors to sell. Finally, several members of the Bridgeport management team have significant experience in the signaling market and know it very well."

The reintroduction supports Bridgeport Fittings' long-term strategy to transition its product portfolio beyond cable and conduit fittings to electrical construction materials. This commitment encompasses several new product categories that the company plans to introduce in the new few years.

The Bridgeport Switch brand comprises two major categories of signaling products: audible signals and visual signals. The audible signaling line includes bells and buzzers, vibrating horns, builders' chimes and chime kits, door switches, low voltage push buttons, door openers, and transformers. Visual signals in the line include the four main types: steady beacons, flashing beacons, rotating beacons and strobes.

About Bridgeport Fittings
Privately owned and located in Stratford, Connecticut, Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., produces America's number one quality fittings. These products are sold by distributors to contractors and other end-users in the industrial, commercial and residential channels of the electrical industry. Our primary focus is on quality and service. We reinforce our commitment to quality electrical products with the addition of new inspection techniques. Quality inspection begins with the receipt of purchased material and continues with scheduled testing by trained inspectors as well as continuous in-process inspection by assemblers and machine operators. This critical process safeguards consistency in manufacturing. Finished products are inspected again prior to shipment. The reintroduction of signaling products under the Bridgeport Switch brand is consistent with the company's long-term strategy to transition its product portfolio beyond cable and conduit fittings to electrical construction materials. For additional information, please contact: Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., 705 Lordship Blvd., Stratford, CT 06615; Tel: (203) 377-5944; Fax: (203) 381-3488; or log onto the company's Web site at www.bptfittings.com.

Company contact: Rick Taylor, Director of Marketing, (203) 381-3462


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