(Com)mission Accomplished for Turkish Manufacturer with Implementation of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Founded over 40 years ago in Turkey, Ajan Elektronik has grown steadily in the machine tool manufacturing sector starting domestically and recently expanding globally. Ajan manufactures plasma cutting machines used in a variety of industries including mechanical engineering, automotive, chemistry and construction. Unlike laser cutters, plasma cutting machines are more cost effective and can cut thicker sheet metal to exact specifications making it an ideal solution for high alloy steel and thick aluminum cutting.

To support international expansion of this product line, Ajan needed to increase the efficiencies of their production as well as spare parts operations. The main production facility just north of Izmir, Turkey Ajan installed a total of 23 Kardex Remstar storage and retrieval units to manage parts inventory for the production line as well as spare parts for end users.

Consolidating Space

The project was completed in two phases. In phase one, Ajan installed 5 Shuttle XP VLMs and 2 Megamat RS Vertical Carousels. The solution was so successful that Ajan purchased another 16 Shuttle VLMs (6 XP 500, 6 XP 700 and 4 XP 1000) and was able to reduce the amount of floor space required by 90% and eliminate an secondary warehouse. “With a footprint of just 100 m2, we have a storage capacity of 1,000 m2,” said Nihat Cinarli, Export Manager, “The solution has saved us an entire warehouse on an expensive industrial park in Izmir.”

All parts needed for the production line, which can be up to 44 meters long, are now stored in the Shuttle VLMs including small plastic parts, electronic components, extremely long heavy pipes and profiles, and ceramic articles. Parts are delivered to ergonomic position regardless of size or weight, providing a safer work environment.

Fill More Orders, Faster with Less Labor

Parts are now delivered quickly with the push of a button, and a pick to light position bar located below the access opening directs the worker immediately to the location of the part to be picked. “While we used to need six employees to process 12 production orders in an eight-hour shift, we now only need two employees who can process 25 orders in two and a half hours,” says Cinarli. Faster picking speeds have resulted in more orders filled per shift and less labor required. Further, spare parts are also now quickly and easily located, speeding the delivery time to the customer.

Integrated Software Provides Just-in-Time Retrieval

The solution is all brought together with Power Pick Global inventory management software. Employees no longer have to wait for the parts they need, now parts are delivered to the assembly areas using a just-in-time strategy. Parts can also be “reserved” in the system for optimized process flow. Inventory is monitored in Power Pick Global and replenishment reports eliminate part shortages that can delay or stop production.

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