Seasoned Procurement Pros Use This "Tell" to Drive Down Costs

“We track prices for hundreds of commodities and other cost drivers that affect suppliers’ production costs. When suppliers’ costs fall, our members use this information to negotiate lower prices; and when suppliers’ costs rise, they use it to fend off unsupportable increases,” Rod Sherkin, founder and president of ProPurchaser, explains. Click the headline above to read the full...

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Micro-Tronics, Inc.

The Next Time Your Client Says

Micro-Tronics, Inc., works in industries where there is zero margin for error: commercial airspace, defense, industrial, and medical. Click the headline above to read the full article.

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Adams Plastics

"We Make Decisions and We Go": How Being Agile in the Face of Crisis Transformed Adams Plastics [Q&A]

“For years we have had the slogan More Than You ThinkTM. You walk through our warehouse, and think, ‘Oh, how nice. You guys have a zillion rolls of plastic. Whoopee.’” says Rusty Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager of Adams Plastics, a Chicago-based leader in plastic film and recycling. “Well, there is a whole lot more behind all of that than you realize.” Click the headline above to...

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