Opto 22

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Data Acquisition System combines software and hardware.

Device Relationship Management (DRM) software provides real-time, continuous exchange of information between remote devices, business systems, and people. DRM(TM) distributed information management system is Firewall-Friendly(TM), and is composed of software products. SNAP hardware enables connections between business assets and systems to provide monitoring, management, and acquisition of...

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Software Suite is composed of 4 integrated components.

FactoryFloor v4.0 industrial automation software allows users to design HMIs, expand connectivity, and complete control automation projects faster. OptoControl(TM) is a flowchart-based control programming environment; OptoDisplay(TM) is a graphical HMI package; OptoServer(TM) provides OPC and DDE connectivity between Opto 22 systems and Windows-based computers; and OptoConnect(TM) creates...

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Controls & Controllers

Operator Interface is Ethernet-enabled.

OptoTerminal-G70 graphics-based operator interface is for use with company's SNAP Ethernet I/O and SNAP Ultimate I/O systems. It features 5.5 in. diagonal, 320 x 240 pixel, color touch screen; soft keys; and programmable speaker. Terminal is used to send commands and receive real-time data from plant floor equipment and other real world devices connected to hardware for purposes of automation,...

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