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Synventive Molding Solutions

Controls & Controllers

synflow3® Technology is suitable for cold runner or differential packing.

Dec 01, 2017

synflow3® Technology allows user to test the functionality on the actual tool and offers same control equipment can be used on multiple systems. Unit enables molders to quickly and easily define the complete molding parameters for a specific application. Product offers the ability to stop the pin and hold it at position mid-stroke. Pin control technology can be used for activeGate® enabled... Read More

Controls & Controllers

Electric Valve Gate System offers precision control.

May 03, 2012

By precisely controlling each valve pin's position, acceleration, velocity, and stroke, eGate enhances valve gate hot runner molding. Processors can adjust flow rate out of each nozzle gate at any time during fill process, and class A surface quality can be achieved on sequentially gated parts. Delivering shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency and process monitoring, system eliminates flow... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Quick-Couple Actuator operates in hot runner systems.

Sep 30, 2010

With self-bleeding feature, Model QCVG16 eliminates need to bleed air from hydraulic lines. Quick-couple design enables top clamp plate to be removed without removing actuator or valve pin, while pin axial adjustment feature permits valve pin adjustment with or without top clamp plate. Cooling lines for hydraulic valve gate cylinders are drilled in top clamp plate, eliminating need to run lines... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Hot Runner System has threaded nozzle, bolt-on valve gate actuator.

Mar 05, 2010

Available with both thermal gate and valve gate options, model 06E threaded/screw fit manifold hot runner nozzle has leak-proof design and 6 mm flow bore with 20 mm mold cut-out. Externally heated solution, designed for shot weights up to 100 g per nozzle, is available in 60-200 mm lengths. Intended for valve gate hot runner systems, model PNC30 pneumatic bolt-on actuator facilitates hot runner... Read More

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