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Mobilized Storage System increases density.

Spacesaver ActivRac 7M - 7P - 16P - 30P custom-configurable mobile storage carriages accommodate expanding SKUs while promoting operational efficiency, all without requiring increase in existing facility footprint. Bulk rack, cabinets, shelving, or pallet racks are mounted to carriages that travel on steel rails. This enables rows of storage to move side-to-side and compresses stored materials...

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High Volume Low Speed Fans target large warehouses.

Designed to move high volume of air while using minimal energy, Serco HVLS Fans feature patented blade system that creates large downwards flow of air in column that spreads out in all directions at floor level. In warm months, air circulation can create cooling effect, while in cool months, fans can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level. With iFan(TM) controls, up to...

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