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Version 5.0 DFMPro® CAD/CAM Software is suitable for tubing applications.

Nov 07, 2017

Version 5.0 DFMPro® CAD/CAM Software is suitable for machining, sheet metal, casting, molding, assembly and additive manufacturing applications. Unit can be used with Creo Parametric, NX and SolidWorks. Product offers quick and instant feedback to the users and is powered by HCL’s DFX solution framework. Software is ideal for die casting, sheet metal and injection molding.

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Automatic ID, Safety & Security Equipment

Biometric Security Solution speeds airport employee check-in.

Oct 05, 2010

Compliant with rapid-access biometric systems regulations of Transportation Security Agency, AeroPASS(TM) expedites passage of pilots and flight attendants through security checkpoints and into sterile airport areas. Personal Identification Verification card, issued to each AeroPASS enrollee, is embedded with individual's photograph, fingerprint biometrics, and public key infrastructure using... Read More

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