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Klein Tools, Inc.

Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools

Jab Saw cuts drywall, wallboard, plywood, and plastic.

Aug 28, 2003

No. 725 multi-use, 12 in. jab saw features 6 in. hardened, carbon steel blade with triple-ground teeth that can cut material on angle or curve, as well as in both directions. Hardened and beveled point at tip of blade allows user to score and make plunge cuts. With sharpened tip, there is no need for drilling before drywall start-up. Cushioned, comfort-grip handle features non-slip design as well... Read More

Portable Tools

Long-Nose Pliers include side-cutting knives.

Jul 29, 2003

Journeyman(TM) J203-6 and J203-7 measure 6 5/8 and 7 1/8 in. in length. Dual-material handle offers comfortable grip without sacrificing handle strength. Soft, outer-surface provides firm grip, while harder, black material on inner-surface and handle ends provides toughness in harsh environments. Pliers include knurled jaws for bending and forming wire, hot-riveted joint for smooth action with no... Read More

Portable Tools

Limited Edition Pliers feature Michael Andretti signature.

Jun 11, 2003

Michael Andretti Signature Series 9 in. side-cutting Journeyman® pliers feature hot-riveted joints, induction-hardened cutting knives, and custom-made tool steel. Soft outer handle material feels comfortable and provides sure grip. Tough inner material and handle ends provide durability. Contoured thumb area and flared thumb rest further improve feel and grip of tool. Read More

Portable Tools

Stubby Nut Drivers feature cushion grip handles.

May 16, 2003

Model No. 610-1/4 and 610-5/16 are made for ¼ and 5/16 in. hex sizes, respectively. Tool shafts measure 1 ½ in. long with overall length of 3 ½ in. Internal flanges provide solid, twist-resistant shaft anchor. Corrosion-resistant, chrome plated shafts are hollow to allow work on long bolts or studs. Color-coded Tip-Ident® feature on end of handle identifies nut driver's size and hex... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Portable Tools

Wire Strippers feature double-dipped comfort handles.

Mar 19, 2003

Klein-Kurve(TM) Model K1412 has 14- and 12-gauge stripping slots for removal of outer jacket of 14/2 and 12/2 Romex Type NM-B non-metallic-sheathed cable. It strips, cuts and loops 12 and 14 AWG solid wire. Model K1210 has 12- and 10-gauge stripping slots for 12/2 and 10/2 Romex cable, as well as 12 and 10 AWG solid wire. Both have holes to shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws. Hardened steel tools feature... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Mobile Phone Holders allow quick access to phones.

Mar 05, 2003

Made of Cordura® Plus material, PowerLine(TM) Series phone holders are constructed of 1000 denier Cordura Plus and 500 denier, padded Cordura Plus. Products carry small, medium, and large mobile phones in addition to other electronic devices such as PDAs, 2-way radios, and testers. Features include quick-access Velcro® flap, antenna cutout, padded pocket, securely closed bottom, and metal clip... Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Protective Eyewear meets ANSI and OSHA requirements.

Feb 06, 2003

CSA-certified eyewear, suited for all-day use, is offered with anti-fog, scratch-resistant, anti-UV lens coatings; adjustable temple lengths; and wrap-around designs. All coatings are permanently bonded. Temple end holes allow for lanyard attachment. Offered in standard, frameless, and contemporary styles, eyewear promotes clear peripheral vision and includes ventilation channel to reduce... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Tool Bags feature multiple internal pockets.

Jan 22, 2003

Constructed of No. 8 natural canvas, Tool Bags come in 16 and 18 in. lengths with 8 or 10 interior pockets, respectively. Both are 14 in. deep and 6 in. wide. Reinforced bag bottom extends 3 in. up sides to support heavier tools and block moisture. Leather-bottom bags feature 2 in. wide, 900-lb. test polypropylene web handles. Naugahyde®-bottom bags have 2 black harness leather handles and... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Portable Tools

Crimping/Cutting Tool has tapered nose for tight spaces.

Dec 30, 2002

Journeyman(TM) Model J1005 crimps insulated and non-insulated 10-20 AWG solderless terminals and connectors. It features dual-material handle design: outer surface handle material combines comfort with firm grip, while harder, inner handle material withstands harsh work environments. Hot-riveted joint provides smooth action and eliminates handle wobble. Tool measures 9 ¾ in. long and has... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Portable Tools

Coaxial Cable Cutter provides 1-handed shearing action.

Nov 13, 2002

Model 63030 cuts up to 1 in. dia aluminum and copper coaxial cable with one-hand shearing action. Cutting tool has curved jaws that grasp coaxial cable and shear blades that cut cable without compression or frayed ends. Additional offerings include hot-riveted joint, plastic-coated handles, and lightweight design. Overall tool length is 8¼ in. Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment

Hand Towels come in convenient 10-pack.

Oct 30, 2002

Pre-moistened Klein Kleaners(TM), in resealable foil packets, can be carried in pocket or tool case. They combine abrasive, synthetic towel with liquid cleaner. No-rinse, 9 x 11 in. disposable towels provide pumice-like performance that cleans industrial soils and greases. Scrubbing ingredient is natural citrus solvent, d-Limonene, which cuts oils, tar, adhesives, asphalt, and wax. Emollients and... Read More

Portable Tools

Pump Pliers feature comfort grip.

Oct 14, 2002

Journeyman(TM) Pump Pliers measure 10 in. and have 6 machined tongue-and-grooves for smooth adjustments up to 1¾ in. Soft, outer-surface handle material combines comfort with firm grip, while harder, inner-surface handle material is designed for toughness in harsh work environments. Pliers feature induction-hardened jaws, tension-loaded joint to reduce handle wobble, contoured thumb area, and... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Portable Tools

Multi-Cable Cutter features 3 cutting blades.

Sep 17, 2002

KLEIN-KURVE(TM) can cut solid, stranded, and multi-pair cables. Curved blade cuts round copper cable without compression or frayed ends. Steel cutter is for mild conductors, and anvil cutter on tool's tip cuts copper and stainless steel. Tool is 7 in. long with 4 in. handles for firm grip and leverage when reaching into confined spaces. It includes coil spring for fast self-action, and holes for... Read More

Portable Tools

Pliers provide side and diagonal cutting.

Aug 09, 2002

The 2000 Series features induction-hardened, heat-treated cutting knives, and hot-riveted joint for smooth action. NE-type side-cutting pliers are 9¼ in. long with knurled jaws and tempered handles that absorb snap when cutting wire. Diagnonal-cutting pliers are 8 in. long and have short jaws with beveled cutting edges that allow close cutting of wire. Models are offered with and without 13 deg... Read More

Portable Tools

Side-Cutting Pliers provide pulling and crimping.

Jul 08, 2002

Model D213-9NETP has special groove at hinge for gripping and pulling flat fish tapes. Design allows for quick, sure grip and minimizes pulling effort without damaging fish tape. Model D213-9NECR features crimping die at hinge for quick crimping of sleeve connectors. Both have smooth noses, knurled jaws, and plastic-dipped handles. Read More

Portable Tools

Insulated Pliers have two layers of insulation.

Jun 11, 2002

Pliers have bright orange, impact-resistant outer coating plus white, high-dielectric inner coating that provide protection against electrical shocks up to 1,000 V. Thermoplastic polyurethane handles resist chemicals, abrasions, and marring. Integral guard on top of handles helps prevent inadvertent hand contact with conductive parts. Pliers exceed EN 60900 and ASTM F1505 industry standards for... Read More

Non-Industrial Products

Tool Organizer fits around standard 5 gal bucket.

Mar 08, 2002

Tool Organizer has 45 pockets of various sizes, providing user with access to hand tools. Constructed of 600 x 300 denier polyester, organizer withstands everyday wear and tear. It has reinforced layer of polyester at bucket edges, zinc-coated rivets at stress points for reinforcement and corrosion resistance, and wear-resistant pocket webbing that keeps pockets open for easy access. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Level utilizes heavy-duty magnets.

Feb 14, 2002

Torpedo Level features rare earth magnetic base that firmly holds level to iron and steel surfaces. Vials are framed with E-Z See(TM) glow-in-the-dark material for accurate viewing in dimly lit areas. Level is 9 in. long and has die-cast aluminum frame with built-in hang hole, ABS panels, and 3 acrylic vials including plumb (vertical), level (horizontal) and 45-deg angle. Top-read level window... Read More

Portable Tools

Insert/Power Bits work in fastening applications.

Jan 02, 2002

Made from shock-resistant tool steel that has been heat-treated and tempered, insert/power bits are available in 21 models, including Phillips, square recess, slotted, magnetic nut setter, ball-type socked adapter, Phillips double-end, and slotted double-end versions. All bits have 1/4 in. hex shank, and all comply with dimensions of ASME 107.4M-1995. Bit holder and adapters are made of alloy... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Portable Tools

Stripper/Cutters have cushioned handles.

Nov 08, 2001

With Klein-Kurve(TM) double-dipped handles, Model 11055 and 11057 are designed for stripping, cutting, looping, and gauging solid and stranded wire. Model 11055 is designed for 10 to 18 AWG solid and 12 to 20 AWG stranded wire; Model 11057 is designed for 20 to 30 AWG solid and 22 to 32 AWG stranded wire. Both cleanly shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws. Other features include serrated nose jaws and... Read More