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Solvent Kleene, Inc.

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Solvent Kleene, Inc.

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Non-Toxic Degreaser removes oils from surfaces prior to bonding.

May 25, 2012

Suited for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, non-carcinogenic D-Greeze 1000 dissolves and emulsifies hydraulic oils, stamping oils, cosmolin, greases, lubricating oils, and adhesives. Surfaces cleaned with this product are free of contaminants that can jeopardize bond with polyurethane, epoxy, or rubber. With quick penetrating formula that works at room temperature, degreaser is free of... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Machinery & Machining Tools

Paint and Powder Coating Stripper has VOC-free formula.

Mar 08, 2011

Used in immersion tank, D-Zolve 917 safely removes organic paints, varnish, mil-spec CARC paints, cured powder coatings, multi-layer coatings, and E-coatings. Non-flammable solution, which has no ozone depleting components or carcinogenic compounds, penetrates paints and coatings to break bond between paint layer and substrate. Severing this bond causes paint or coating to delaminate and fall off... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Green & Clean

Industrial Degreaser/Cleaner is VOC-free, non-alkaline.

Sep 03, 2010

Biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-reactive, D-Greeze 7880 is compatible with most existing degreasing methods and equipment, including immersion tanks, parts washers, and spray wands. It is designed to perform at room temperature, and comes in 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, and 275 gal totes. With neutral pH, product works with all painted and unpainted ferrous and non-ferrous... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Green & Clean

Non-Hazardous Degreaser cleans parts at ambient temperature.

Aug 18, 2009

Cold, quick acting, fast drying non-hazardous degreaser/cleaner, D-Greeze ES-150D degreases/cleans difficult to reach surfaces such as intricate part shapes and inner surfaces of blind holes and tubes. Non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic solution removes oils, flux, grease and other soils, and is suitable for use with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including titanium, zinc,... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Powder Coating Stripper performs at room temperature.

Jan 10, 2006

Designed for use in immersion tank with no heating required, D-Zolve 1012 strips hard-to-remove powder coatings and paints from intricate part shapes. Product is compatible with metals, ferrous and non- ferrous, as well as plastics. Stripping time typically ranges from 30 min or less to 2 hr. Designed to minimize health and environmental hazards, product is non-flammable, has no hazardous air... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Solvent strips powder coating masking plugs.

Jun 27, 2005

Suited for use on wide range of materials including silicone and neoprene, D-Zolve removes several layers of build-up from self-threading to dual-flanged pull plugs. When used in immersion tank, product's properties lift layers of paint and break chemical bond between powder coating and substrate. Paint layers pull away from surface and fall to bottom of tank. Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment

Aqueous Cleaner removes soils from ferrous/non-ferrous surfaces.

Apr 01, 2003

D-Greeze AC 2603 targets greases, lubricating oils, waxy films, honing oils, bending oils, and drawing compounds. It reduces surface tension, so that bond between soil and metal surface is easily broken. Emulsified oils do not surface during cleaning operation and cleaned parts can be removed without being recontaminated. Cleaner is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive, non-flammable,... Read More

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