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Stripping/Recoating Service renews fuse welding/tipping mandrels.

Mar 20, 2014

Forming Mandrel Strip and Recoat Service strips Parylene® and PTFE coatings from forming mandrels (0.020 in. dia and up) and applies PTFE Natural™ coating. Featuring smooth, anti-stick surface that withstands up to 300°C continuous, with excursions to 371°C, PTFE Natural-coated forming mandrels provide 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894 to simplify catheter removal... Read More


Powder Coating Service imparts chemical-, corrosion-resistance.

Aug 17, 2012

PTFE powder coating service adds chemical and corrosion resistance to parts up to 2,000 lb. Electrostatically applied from 0.0002-0.025 in. thick depending upon coating and substrate, standard formulations include Teflon® PTFE, FEP, PFA, Tefzel® ETFE, Teflon® S, Halar®, ECTFE, Kynar®, and Xylan®. Custom formulations can be provided if required. Surface preparation and subsequent... Read More


PTFE Coating Service will not alter tubing properties.

Dec 12, 2011

To achieve optimum release slip properties, Hypotube PTFE Coating Service applies thin, smooth coating of PTFE fluoropolymer to stainless steel and nitinol hypodermic tubing with ±0.0001 to ±0.0004 in. tolerance. Service can be applied to spiral, skived, flared, crimped, ground, and slotted hypotubes; with marker bands at user-specified intervals. Finished hypotubes, available in green,... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Materials & Material Processing

Nichrome Sealing Wire is PTFE-coated to prevent sticking.

Dec 17, 2010

Capable of 500°F continuous and 600°F intermittent use, APC Teflon®-Coated Nichrome Wire provides non-stick surface in variety of plastics and packaging processing applications. Product will outlast plain nichrome resistance wire and prevent melted plastic from building. Supplied on spools in standard 0.018, 0.020, and 0.036 in. sizes, wire is additionally suited for sealing, shrink... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Forming Mandrels withstand excursions up to 700°F.

May 22, 2008

APC PTFE Natural® Fluoropolymer Forming Mandrels are manufactured from SS or nitinol wire and feature smooth, uniform fluoropolymer coating that will not flake. Medical-grade, gray forming mandrels are capable of 550°F continuous operation and exhibit 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894. They are available in lengths up to 12 ft. Wires are stocked in sizes from 0.005-0.070 in. dia... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Nitinol Tube has PTFE coating for medical applications.

Dec 27, 2007

Suitable for PTCA guide wire, catheters, needles, and other devices, PTFE Coated Nitinol Tube features lubricious coating while maintaining kink-resistant characteristics. It can be processed in sizes from 0.002 in. OD and up in lengths to 10 ft. PTFE coating can be applied with coating tolerances from 0.0001-0.0003 in. Available in green, grey, blue, and black, product can incorporate marker... Read More


Motor Stator Stacking Service applies blue epoxy coating.

Sep 07, 2007

Developed for motors, stators, and gyroscopes, Stacking and Coating Service holds lamination alignment to within ±0.0005 in. and includes deburring and application of blue epoxy coating from 0.002-0.005 in. thick in one pass. Suited for laminations from 3/8-8 in. OD, smooth finished parts offer electrical resistance up to 1,000 V/mil and help prevent wire cuts and shorts. Metal laminations,... Read More

Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment, Machinery & Machining Tools

Medical Extrusion Mandrel Wire aids in tubing production.

Mar 19, 2007

Used for extruding small-diameter medical tubing, Medical Extrusion Mandrel is silver plated copper wire with PTFE coating that allows over 25% elongation without flaking or failure. Anti-stick extrusion mandrel features 0.05 dynamic coefficient of friction and smooth, slippery surface. Developed to assure optimum tubing ID quality, chemically inert product withstands up to 600°F service and... Read More


Hypotube Coating Service facilitates arterial transfer.

Nov 24, 2004

PTFE Coating Service precisely applies PTFE onto OD of stainless steel or nitinol hypodermic tubes with 0.0001-0.0004 in. tolerance. Highly lubricious coating does not alter physical properties of tubing and is available in green, gray, black, and blue. Coating Service is suited for all hypotube variations including spiral, skived, flared, crimped, ground, and slotted types. Read More


Laminating/Coating Service suits parts from 3/8-8 in. OD.

Jan 06, 2004

Stacking, Laminating, Bonding, and Coating Service produces parts with electrical insulation to 2,000 V and up to 1,000 V/mil thickness, depending upon configuration. Process is capable of applying 0.002-0.005 in. thick coating in one pass that meets MIL specifications. It is designed for multi-laminate stacking, bonding, and coating of gyroscopes, small motors, and stators. Lamination alignment... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Forming Mandels can withstand temperatures up to 550°F.

Jul 03, 2003

Made from stainless steel or nitinol wire, APC PTFE Natural(TM) Fluoropolymer Mandrels feature uniform, non-flaking coating that provides smooth, anti-stick surface that withstands continuous temperatures to 550°F with excursions to 700°F. Exhibiting 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894, mandrels are offered with release coatings in thicknesses from 0.00127-0.020 mm on stainless steel... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Coated Mandrels help manufacture medical parts.

Sep 27, 2002

APC Teflon® Coated Mandrels have uniform, non-flaking coating that provides smooth, slippery surface which is chemically inert and withstands up to 500°F operating temperatures. Made from stainless steel or nitinol, mandrels are tested in accordance with ASTM-1894. Wire is grit blasted before Teflon® coatings are applied from 0.00005 to 0.0008 in. thick onto wire from 0.005 to 0.45 in.... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Coated Mandrels speed output of small diameter parts.

Jan 14, 2002

Teflon® Coated Mandrels feature release coating applied in thicknesses from 0.00005 to 0.0008 in. onto stainless steel or nitinol wire from 0.005 to 0.045 in. dia. Final diameter tolerances are ±0.0001 in. Surface is chemically inert and can withstand up to 500°F. Mandrels exhibit 0.05 coefficient of friction when tested in accordance with ASTM-1894. Read More

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