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Electronic Components & Devices

MFC Series Resistors feature ±50 ppm/°C TCR value.

May 03, 2017

Suitable for power supplies, DC-DC convertors, small motor drives, actuator drives and lighting drives, Metal Foil Chip Resistors measure 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.6 mm size. Available in 5, 7, 9, 10 and 20 milliohms values with ±1% tolerance figure, units are rated to 0.5 W power at 70°C. Operating in -55 to +155°C temperature range, resistors feature wrap around terminations with electroplated nickel... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

HM210-05K060LFTR Flyback Transformer offers 305 mΩ primary resistance.

May 01, 2017

Measuring 19.5 H x 14.5 W x 16.5 mm D size, HM210-05K060LFTR Flyback Transformer provides high saturation current and low leakage inductance. Suitable for inverters, renewable energy inverters and AC and brushless DC motor drives, unit is designed for use with ACPL-32JT/302J IGBT chipset. Operating in -40°C to +155°C temperature range, transformer comes with 5kV isolation voltage between... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

HA00-10043ALFTR Flyback Transformer housed in 10‑pin SO style IC package.

Apr 15, 2017

Designed for use with Broadcom ACPL-32JT and ACPL-302J optocoupler ICs, HA00-10043ALFTR Flyback Transformer features 12.0mm x 12.5mm footprint and 6.3 mm profile. Operated in -40°C to 155°C temperature range, unit ensures high saturation current and low leakage inductance. Suitable for automotive and industrial environments, transformer is supplied in tape and reel packaging.

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Electronic Components & Devices

WRM-HP Metal Film MELF Resistors feature lacquer coating.

Apr 15, 2017

Available in WRM0204HP (3.7 length x 1.55 diameter) and WRM0207HP (6.1 x 2.4mm) models rated to 0.4 W and 1 W respectively, WRM-HP MELF Resistors provide R10 to 1M0 standard resistance values. Featuring ±0.1% resistance tolerance and ±15ppm/°C TCR, units comprise of homogeneous sputtered metal alloy film on high-grade ceramic rod. Having -55 to 155°C temperature range, resistors are... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

QSOP-C and SOIC-C Series Resistors use Tantalum Nitride film technology.

Mar 11, 2017

Suitable for aerospace, medical and industrial areas, QSOP-C and SOIC-C Series Resistors come with ceramic based element for lower crosstalk. Featuring 0.25 in. lead spacing, QSOP-C series are available in 16, 20, and 24 pin packages with 100R to 150K resistance. Offering 100R to 200K resistance, SOIC-C Series are designed in 8, 14, 16 and 20 pin package. Operating in -55 to +125°C... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Photologic® V OPB9000 Reflective Optical Sensor features self-calibration.

Feb 03, 2017

Suitable for industrial printing, dispensing and manufacturing automation applications, Photologic® V OPB9000 reflective optical sensor eliminates circuit complexity. Combining with infrared emitter, logic sensor, OPB9000 comes in 4.0 mm x 2.2 mm x 1.5 mm surface-mount package. Offering unparalleled 25+ kilolux ambient light immunity, product provides automatic temperature compensation and... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Current Sensing Thin Film Resistors offer low ohmic values.

Oct 07, 2016

Available in 5 sizes from 0603–2512, LCS series features minimum values down to 100 mΩ and can be used for sensing and measurement of DC and AC currents in sub-3 A range. Products deliver TCRs in the hundreds of milliohms range and include such power ratings as 1 W (2512 size), anti-sulphur terminations, low sensitivity to temperature variations, and precision levels of ±0.5%... Read More

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