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Turbocor® TT Series Compressors are suitable for chiller manufacturers.

Nov 21, 2017

Turbocor® TT Series Compressors come with compressor firmware version 4.1 which is compatible with R-513A refrigerant option. Units are available with HFO-1234ze in a capacity range of 40 to 150 tons. Products are suitable for air-cooled heat pumps, ice storage and low-temperature process cooling applications. Compressors meet European Union’s F-gas regulation standards and

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TT700 Compressors feature intelligent controlling system.

Dec 22, 2016

Built with Turbocor technology, TT700 Compressors offer variable-speed for full and part-load energy efficiency. Featuring low vibration, low sound and soft starting characteristics, TT700 has small footprint and light-weight. Capable of delivering 200 Tons (700kW) full load rating conditions for 400V and 380 Volt applications at both 50Hz and 60Hz, compressors are available in models from 90... Read More

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