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Edge Technologies Announces Exclusive Minnesota Distributor: Garrett Veal

St. Louis, Mo – Edge Technologies has announced the addition of Garrett Veal and his company, Castle Reps, as their exclusive distributor in Minnesota, and the Dakotas. Garrett will provide sales and technical support for the company’s FMB and Edge Tech magazine bar feeders, Vortex coolant mist filtration systems, Schlenker bar feeder pusher collets, lathe collets, and guide bushings. Garrett...

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Modern Bar Feeds Bring New Life to Automatic Swiss Lathes

Cam-actuated Swiss lathes are still the fastest way to process many parts. By adding modern bar feeders, this shop has dramatically improved their utilization with the ability to work unattended, even in a lights-out environment. Precision Plus is not your typical machine shop. Founded as a cam-type Swiss screw machine shop 40 years ago, Precision Plus has transformed into the modern part...

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