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ASABE Revises Standard on automatic agricultural weather stations.

Apr 28, 2015

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) revised its standard for automatic agricultural weather stations: ASAE EP505.1, Measurement and Reporting Practices for Automatic Agricultural Weather Stations. Revision aligns with current practices and equipment by establishing minimum recommendations for measurement, reporting, siting, operation, maintenance, and data management... Read More


ASABE revises combine harvester ISO standard adoption.

Feb 25, 2014

ANSI/ASAE AD5687:1999, Equipment for harvesting — Combine harvesters — determination and designation of grain tank capacity and unloading device performance, replaces ISO 5687:1999, which was without deviations. Revised adoption clarifies standard by removing all subjectivity from testing procedure. Deviations now include additional bounds on test parameters to improve test repeatability,... Read More


ASABE to revise polyethylene pipe standard.

Aug 21, 2012

ASABE has initiated project to revise ASAE S435, Polyethylene Pipe Used for Microirrigation Laterals. Revision will be a complete rewrite to reflect current industry best practices, and will contain requirements and methods for testing of polyethylene materials and of pipe or tubing made from those materials in standard dimensions for microirrigation. Revision will cover classification,... Read More


ASABE and ISO are harmonizing screw-type jack standards.

Oct 05, 2010

ASABE has initiated revision to ASAE S485.1, Implement Mounted Screw-Type Jacks with anticipated publication date of December 2010. Earlier this year, ISO approved draft revision of ISO 12140:1998, Agricultural machinery - Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment - Drawbar jacks, which incorporates necessary changes for harmonization of ASABE and ISO documents. Once ISO 12140 revision is... Read More

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