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Version 11 Automation Anywhere Enterprise Software is suitable for logistics applications.

Dec 12, 2017

Version 11 Automation Anywhere Enterprise Software is suitable for banking, finance, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing applications. Unit offers workload management, automation lifecycle management, SLA-based automation, Citrix automation and credential management. Product comes with credential vault with locker management option and feature CyberArk™ integration. Software meets SSL,... Read More


Testing Software simplifies application testing.

Jan 05, 2010

Using Testing Anywhere, developers can test applications, websites, objects, controls, and GUI front-ends in any language using single tool. Test to .EXE allows for remote testing on any machine, anywhere as executable file. Automated Visualization provides screenshot of every step of automated process, allowing for storyboard view of entire test and ability to capture images on-demand. With... Read More


Destkop Automation Software simplifies repetitive processes and IT tasks.

Sep 18, 2009

Powered by SMART Automation Technology®, which intelligently executes automated tasks across multiple machines, Automation Anywhere v5.5 permits users to automate processes without writing code. Program includes email automation, terminal emulator, and secure FTPs, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server reporter, bulk edit capability, and web recorder. Task scheduling and auto login capability... Read More