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Automatic ID, Services, Software

Child Anti-Abduction System stores biometric info for reference.

Feb 06, 2014

KinderGuardian™Â lets healthcare facilities using RightPatient™ iris biometric patient identification system store child's biometric templates and basic biographic information in cloud. If enrolled child is abducted, their KinderGuardian record can be flagged. Healthcare provider using RightPatient can run centralized search to instantly determine if child is victim of kidnapping.... Read More

Automatic ID

Biometric Identification Device captures fingerprint, vein images.

Oct 23, 2013

Powered by Hitachi Europe Ltd's Finger Vein Technology, M2-FuseID™ hybrid, fused biometric identification device simultaneously captures fingerprint and finger vein images with one touch of finger. Compact and versatile scanner is suited for biometric data capture, identification, and verification of civil ID, patient identification, banking, visitor management, and other projects requiring... Read More


Biometric Software facilitates secure check cashing.

Jul 14, 2009

Suited for any financial services business, Bio-Tracker Check Cashing v3.0.0.0 web-based biometric system securely processes cash advances, payday loans, bill payments, title loans, and sales. Fully customizable software requires only web access and Internet Explorer for usage. Software minimizes identity theft, as it does not store actual copy of sensitive biometric scan data. Read More

Automatic ID, Software

Software offers server-based fingerprint ID solution.

Sep 28, 2006

Bio-Plugin(TM) snaps onto any data management application to enable instantaneous fingerprint recognition capabilities, utilizing any vendor-independent fingerprint algorithm and supported hardware device. Software is independent of host application into which it is integrated, and with no run-time compilation necessary, changes to it do not impact host application, and vice versa. Open... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Parallel Server facilitates fingerprint biometrics.

Jun 30, 2006

Leveraging distributed node balancing, Bio-Plugin(TM) Parallel Server provides 1:N identification of large databases. Through utilization of multi-mode architecture, it can compare 25,000 fingerprints/sec per match server node. Users can start with single server configuration, and as fingerprint database grows over time, system can be scaled by adding off-the-shelf PC-based server nodes. Server... Read More

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