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Thin Client comes with Windows XP embedded.

Based on 1 GHz VIA(TM) C3 LP CPU, Clever Client IGEL-5512 XP Premium includes Internet Explorer 6.0 and Media Player 9 as well as Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Macromedia Shockwave. Microsoft RDP 5.2 and Citrix ICA 9.0 permit deployment of unit into Microsoft Terminal Services as well as Citrix Presentation Server environments. Clever Client offers analog VGA connector, DVI...

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Upgrade Kits help migrate from thin client infrastructure.

Models IGEL-TC3531 and IGEL-TC3533 allow conversion from thin client infrastructures of other manufacturers to IGEL Clever Clients. IGEL-TC3531 firmware image upgrades to existing 32 Mb flash module and supporting communication protocols ICA from Citrix and RDP from Microsoft. IGEL-TC3533 software image is dimensioned slightly larger to accommodate 64 Mb flash memory installed in Itona TC 3533...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Thin Clients are suited for Unix/Linux environments.

Based on IGEL Embedded Flash Linux OS, Clever Client models in Premium series include IGEL-564 Premium, IGEL-5128 Premium, and SAP GUI-equipped IGEL-5128 Enterprise. All support communication protocols RDP 5.1 Linux client, X11/XDMCP, and ICA 8.2 with Citrix program neighborhood functions. PowerTerm emulation suite, with integrated Kerberos authentication protocol, provides access to Legacy host...

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