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Fuel Conditioner suits diesel-fuel applications.

Model LG-X 3000 Diesel Fuel Conditioning Unit improves combustibility and fuel economy, and reduces smoke emissions. It improves and maintains quality of diesel fuel, hydraulic oil and other distillate fuels, and prevents tank sludge and clogged filters. Benefits include reliable filtration systems for less tank maintenance, improvement in fuel economy, and lower overall operating costs.

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Cleaning Products & Equipment

Tank Cleaning System gets out sludge and water.

MTC-1000 mobile tank cleaning system removes built up tank sludge and water that accumulates in fuel storage tanks, and reconditions fuel to restore quality. It has separator/coalescer that removes free water and particulate contaminants to 5 microns without need for replaceable filter elements. Fuel conditioning unit restores fuel to pristine condition. Polymer line filter removes emulsified...

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