Fortinet Inc.

Messaging System/Anti-Spam Service offer network security.

FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform includes antivirus detection engine for virus and spyware protection and complete email scanning. It uses FortiGuard-Antispam, access policy filtering, content filtering, global and user black/white list filtering, and spam Real-time Blackhole List. FortiGuard-Antispam Service eliminates spam at network perimeter. It checks against known spammer IP addresses...

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Logging/Reporting Systems offer security event correlation.

FortiLog-100/400/800 network-based logging and reporting appliances are offered with FortiLog(TM) v1.6 firmware that helps streamline report creation, standardization, and generation. Firmware supports multi-vendor devices, providing single source for users to gather, correlate, analyze, and store event data across network security architecture. Systems provide administrators with information...

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