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Electronic Components & Devices

Transistors and Diodes are used in portable applications.

Apr 29, 2005

Digital transistors, bipolar transistors, small signal Schottkys, and small signal switching diodes are manufactured in SOT-723 flat-lead package, which measures 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.5 mm. Utilizing 1.44 mm² PCB area, discrete devices include 50 signal transistors and signal diodes suited for use in cell phones, PDAs, digital still cameras, and notebook computers. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

MOSFET Driver suits ATX and SMPS power supplies.

Apr 05, 2005

Post regulation, dual N-Channel MOSFET Driver, Model NCP4330 features drive outputs for series FETs and free-wheeling synchronous FETs. It offers efficient means of deriving 3.3 V from 5 V power train while not requiring additional windings or terminals on power supply's power transformer. Secondary ac signal directly feeds NCP4330 to minimize power dissipation. Driver includes soft switching,... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

ESD Protection Diodes protect voltage-sensitive components.

Mar 18, 2005

Featuring 1.6 x 0.8 mm footprint, Series ESD5Z provides single line protection to portable and battery-operated applications. Available in 5 models, units clamp fast rising ESD pulses, preventing damage to voltage-sensitive components on board. Input waveform of 30 kV per IEC61000-4-2 standard can be clamped to less than 7 V in nanoseconds. Devices can dissipate up to 200 W with 8 x 20 µsec... Read More

Controls & Controllers

PFC Controllers work with power supplies.

Mar 11, 2005

Fixed-frequency, current-mode NCP1653 drives continuous conduction mode boost converters with power needs from 100 W to 3 kW. It can also operate with output voltage tracking input voltage, called follower boost. Designed for PFC boost circuits in power ranges up to 300 W, NCP1601 operates in fixed-frequency discontinuous conduction mode and/or variable frequency critical conduction mode. Both... Read More

Controls & Controllers

PWM Controllers offer PFC shut-down feature.

Feb 04, 2005

Current Mode Controllers Series NCP1230 and NCP1231 allow power supply designers to shut-down power factor correction stage in light or no-load conditions. Units offer cycle skipping at light loads, internal ramp compensation, and frequency dithering. Both series are available in 65, 100, and 133 kHz frequency options. Series NCP1230 integrates 2.5 ms soft-start, while Series NCP1231 offers... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Synchronous Rectifier suits power switching applications.

Feb 01, 2005

Self-contained BERS(TM) NIS6111 couples high-speed comparator and MOSFET driver with power MOSFET to create diode with same forward-drop characteristics as MOSFET, eliminating heat sinks. It is capable of blocking up to 24 V and has typical forward voltage drop of 0.1 V at forward current of 20 A. Offered in 9 x 9 mm QFN package, Model NIS6111 can be used as oring diode used in servers and... Read More