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Mechanical Components and Assemblies, Mechanical Power Transmission

iFD 2.0 Stator comes with improved fluid flow.

Oct 31, 2016

Using two-part, reusable stator housing and replaceable stator, iFB 2.0 Stattor is compatible with all NEMO NM series progressing cavity pumps. Providing compression free assembly and disassembly, unit's defined compression is automatically generated when the elastomer collar is fastened. Offering considerable increase in efficiency due to reduced starting and running torque, product is... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Multiple Screw Pumps handle difficult media.

Jan 19, 2016

Featuring hydraulically balanced design, NOTOS™ Multiple Screw Pumps offer quiet operation and continuous flow without pulsation or turbulence over long service life. Units are designed to handle low to high lubricant fluids as well as low to high viscosity, shear-sensitive, or chemically aggressive media. Offering suction power up to 8 masl, pumps come in 2-, 3-, and 4-screw models suitable... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Rotary Lobe Pump is designed for difficult applications.

Sep 29, 2015

Along with 2 hardened steel lobes that rotate in geometrically adapted elastomer insert, TORNADO® T2 self-priming, valve-less, positive displacement pump features pulsation reduction system and synchronous toothed belt drive system. Elastomer insert design conserves energy, reduces wear, and increases service life, while FSIP™ design fosters access for inspection/service. Pump handles any... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Rotary Lobe Pump, Stator promote sustainable use.

Nov 13, 2014

Along with steel or stainless steel rotary lobes, TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump features precisely dimensioned elastomer insert vulcanized onto lobe edges. Housing interior is lined with elastomer insert, and machined-in pockets prevent strong pulsation. For progressing cavity pumps, ATEX-certified iFD stator® 2.0 promotes energy and materials conservation via elastomer fixed in position by... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Thermobalance features vacuum-tight design.

Mar 22, 2012

Providing comprehensive characterization of materials, TG 209 F1 Libra operates across extended temperature range. BeFlat function automatically compensates for any external factors influencing measurement. Calculated DTA signal, c-DTA, yields valuable information on phase transitions, making instrument suitable for polymer analysis. Vacuum-tight design not only allows for creation of pure inert... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Dielectric Analyzers feature modular design.

Mar 22, 2012

With data acquisition times of less than 5 msec, DEA 288 Epsilon Series helps study curing behavior of thermosetting resins, adhesives, paints, and coatings. Lab version, with up to 8 channels, can be used in conjunction with furnace that reaches temperatures up to 400°C, while industrial version, providing up to 16 channels, is intended for production monitoring and process control. Proteus... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Machinery & Machining Tools

Control System offers consistency in milling process.

Nov 08, 2007

Voyager Control System II achieves consistent dispersion quality by monitoring energy input and controlling milling process by automatic adjustment. User enters amount of grinding energy into control panel and user-programmable parameters that are displayed in scrollable list can be changed by multiple operators. Unit includes alarm notification system and PLC that sequences start-up/shut-down... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Inline Disperser is offered in small-batch version.

Apr 13, 2007

Requiring 5 kW of input power, Micro Psi-Mix® pre-mixes and disperses particles then delivers finely pulverized solids into largest possible surface area of liquid to achieve homogeneous, fine, and completely repeatable dispersion. Pilot plant and small batch machine performs complete dispersion procedure in enclosed process chamber. It handles batch sizes from 15-700 L at production capacity... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Laboratory Classifier features gas flow volume of 29 scfm.

Oct 19, 2004

High Dispersion Air Classifier, Model CFS 5 HD-S, features ConVor constant radial velocity classifier wheel. Suited for low volume and/or high value materials, unit guarantees optimal classifying results on laboratory scale. Accessible design and removable parts facilitate cleaning of machine. Complete classifier system can be provided with feeder, cyclone, filter, blower, and control panel... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Drying Device dries all types of slurries.

Apr 05, 2004

Machine combines mechanical dewatering system and thermal drying device in one compact unit. Cake drying device is constructed with polypropylene membrane filter plates, which can be retrofitted for existing presses. Drying system is available in side bar and overhead beam designs for semi-automatic or fully automatic presses. Features include honeycombed, insulated heating elements and suction... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Mills are sized for laboratory grinding.

Sep 16, 2003

Non-metal MiniCer and MiniPur are part of MiniZETA laboratory-sized equipment line. MiniCer is manufactured with zircon-oxide wetted components, while MiniPur has polyurethane wetted components. Both machines feature adjustable position chamber and are capable of handling batch sizes down to 250 mL, with chamber volume of 150 mL. Optimized for circulation or discrete pass milling, products can... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Bead Mills reduce particles to submicron sizes.

Jun 11, 2003

Horizontal Agitator Bead Mills grind particles with initial fineness of 1-20 micrometers down to 40-200 nanometers. In enclosed vessel filled with grinding media, agitator shaft activates media, creating shearing and impacting forces. Rotation of agitator imparts energy to surrounding media. Forces either fracture, tear, or crush particulate. Dynamic Cartridge Media Separator retains media in... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Mixing System is suitable alternative to vacuum feeding.

Jun 03, 2003

Able to achieve homogeneous pre-dispersion results with precise, reproducible qualities, Y-Mix(TM) disperser incorporates controlled process environment where finely dispersed powders come in contact with liquid surface and are wetted under shear. Product offers dust and emission-free dispersion within completely enclosed process chamber and is not sensitive to large particles or foreign objects... Read More

Filter Press separates solids from liquids.

May 27, 2003

Available in plate and frame, recessed chamber, or membrane configurations, WP Series produces solid filter cakes for unlimited number of dewatering applications. Frame design includes rotating pin joint connectors for even distribution of hydraulic forces and plate shifter with fully automatic, positive parallel tracking, and accurate plate alignment. Additional offerings include pump systems,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Disperser suits sanitary applications.

Feb 26, 2003

Suited for low- to high-viscosity dispersion and high-shear dispersion/low-speed agitation, totally enclosed, automated pre-mixing MASTERMIX(TM) Disperser PMD-VC provides contamination-free working environment. Product, used for mixing and dispersing solids into liquid, is designed for batch sizes from 50-10,000 liters and larger. Self-contained system incorporates high-shear disperser, low-speed... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing

Deaerator suits personal-care and cosmetic industry.

Feb 26, 2003

Deaerator Mill continuously removes trapped air or gas bubbles from various liquid products over wide range of viscosities. Totally enclosed, self-contained system can process up to 5000 kg per hour and can de-gas small amounts from portable vessels, as well as large batches in continuous operation. It requires no additional feed or discharge pumps and can be coupled in-line with filling... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Universal Mill CUM performs ultra-fine sugar grinding.

Feb 26, 2003

NETZSCH-CONDUX® Universal Mill CUM allows precise control of particle size distribution and provides efficient processing of materials from 50-2000 µm. Unit also handles temperature-sensitive materials due to efficient internal air flow. Depending on material to be processed and desired end product fineness, interchangeable grinding elements enable adaptation to differing needs.... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Universal Grinding Mill suits pharmaceutical applications.

Feb 26, 2003

GMP Pharmaceutical Universal Mill CUM 150 utilizes interchangeable grinding elements to produce desired end product fineness. Able to adapt to differing needs, unit offers flexibility to allow for efficient processing of materials between d50 = 10 µm and d50 = 100 µm. All internal/external surfaces are radiused and finished to Ra = 0.4 microns with optional electropolishing. Manufactured... Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Grinding Mill suits laboratories and pilot plants.

Jan 13, 2003

NETZSCH Labstar® incorporates interchangeable agitator systems, which allow it to grind various materials. Mill is convertible between TriNex(TM) and ZETA(TM) agitator systems. TriNex disks allow discrete pass milling, while ZETA system converts Labstar into peg agitation system for circulation milling. Unit processes batch sizes from 1 liter to 1 gal and operates in horizontal and vertical... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Disc Agglomerator densifies thermoplastic materials.

Nov 19, 2002

Plastcompactor CV compacts material at softening temperature, avoiding thermal molecular degradation and reduction of material viscosity. Final process obtains granulates with bulk density and fluidity almost identical to original product, without thermal history. It handles thin film edge trim, carpeting rejects, polyester foam, plastic fibers, and pre-sorted domestic waste. Accessories include... Read More

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