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CFD Software facilitates mesh generation.

Oct 18, 2007

Featuring multiple-level undo and redo capability with user configurable number of levels, Pointwise helps generate high-quality CFD meshes through its flat, intuitive graphical interface. Automated assembly procedure builds 3D volume grids from jumble of grid components with just click of button. Meshing software also offers unified geometric and grid curve drawing, simultaneous transformation... Read More


CFD Meshing Software uses automated unstructured technique.

Apr 13, 2007

Gridgen v15.10 features anisotropic tetrahedral meshing technique used for generating high-quality unstructured meshes for viscous CFD analysis. While automated technique generates layers of tetrahedra around complex geometries, program lets users locally adjust extrusion to improve cell quality and prevent collisions with adjacent extrusion fronts. Software also provides native interface to... Read More


CFD Meshing Software features solid modeling and meshing.

Apr 19, 2006

Gridgen v15.09 CFD meshing software offers ability to import, assemble, and mesh solid models in CAD data, and provides users with tools for handling sloppy CAD geometry. It supports quilts and topologically linked surfaces that are to be meshed as single unit. Software features deformation-based scheme for pyramid cell generation in hybrid meshes, native interface to FrontFlow flow solver,... Read More


CFD Meshing Software accelerates smoothing of hex grids.

Aug 18, 2005

Gridgen v15.08 incorporates multi-grid algorithm that accelerates convergence of elliptic partial differential equations (PDE). With focus on graphics performance, software also provides Unigraphics Native CAD Reader to version NX 3 and support for HP-UX on PA-RISC to v11.11. Read More


CFD Meshing Software offers multiple modeling capabilities.

May 25, 2005

To address issues associated with CAD-CFD data exchange, Gridgen v15.07 enables users to create trimmed surfaces and add or remove edges from trimmed surfaces. IGES file export capability saves analysis-ready geometry in CAD-standard file format for re-use in other CAE disciplines. Structured, unstructured, and hybrid grids can also be exported to IGES files, allowing analyst's shape changes to... Read More


CFD Software offers mesh extrusion capabilities.

Jan 05, 2005

Gridgen v15.06 provides port to Mac OS X for CFD meshing, post-processing, and visualization. Structured (quad) and unstructured (tri) surface meshes can be extruded simultaneously into hexes and prisms. Existing surface grids can be used as boundary condition for new extrusion, and adjacent extrusions can differ in height while still matching point-to-point along common boundary. Software... Read More


CFD Meshing Software offers CAD model fault checking.

Apr 20, 2004

Gridgen v15.02 can read native format CAD files, eliminating translation errors that can occur when using open standard file formats. Native CAD Readers are available for CATIA® V4, Pro/ENGINEER®, STEP, and Unigraphics®. Gridgen tolerates CAD model faults while meshing by applying suite of automated, global and local tools to merge mesh over gaps in CAD geometry. Hybrid geometry capability... Read More

CFD Software works with CAD models.

Jul 16, 2002

Enhancements to Gridgen v14 computational fluid dynamics meshing software include Glyph Tcl-based scripting language and ability to import geometry data from native CAD file formats such as CATIA and Pro/Engineer. Using Glyph, engineers can create customized meshing applications and utilities, reducing effort required to perform CFD analysis. Software also supports triangular faceted geometry... Read More