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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Transmitters provide turn-key continuous level measurement.

+GF+ SIGNET 8250 ProcessPro(TM) Level Transmitters feature single or dual-channel input with one 4 to 20mA output for each input channel. All outputs are fully scaleable and reversible. Transmitters come equipped with 2 relays and ability to support 2 additional externally mounted relays. Suited for continuous level and volume monitoring requirements, instruments can be used locally or remotely...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Electrofusion System joins company's piping systems.

MSA 250SE Electrofusion Joining Machine reduces installation time and costs when joining company's Fuseal II, Fuseal Squared and PPro-Seal Piping Systems. It uses bar code system with fusion parameters pre-programmed into machine to eliminate manual data entry and save installer time. Machine can fuse up to 4 joints at one time, operate from on-site or generator power, and has long cables to...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Level Sensing Products offer total system solution.

+GF+ SIGNET Level Sensing products include +GF+ SIGNET 2210 Ultrasonic Level Sensor, 2222 Magnetostrictive Level Sensor, 2450 Pressure Sensor, 2211/2212 Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor and 8250 ProcessPro Level Transmitter. All sensors feature SIGNET Sensor Serial Link digital interface, which allows quick connection to 8250 ProcessPro Level Transmitter. Products feature microprocessor-based...

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