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Cleaning Products & Equipment

LeanDrum CF Washer features forced air-drying system.

Jun 28, 2017

Featuring stainless steel tanks, drum and housing, LeanDrum CF Washer offers quick access for drum inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Suitable for cold forming cleaning applications, unit with baffled tank design ensures user to apply clean solution to the parts and enables separation of non-emulsified oils. Product provides full immersion cleaning.

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Fasteners & Hardware

Leandrum Eco Washer allows easy drum removal.

Jan 23, 2017

Featuring very robust, lower cost option utilizing stainless steel tanks, drum and housing, premium electrical components,   unit is designed for easy maintenance access that will allow easy drum removal with no crane required. With part production rate of 12 CU FT/Hour @ 2PRM design drum speed, machine offers full immersion cleaning, eliminating any need for pumps and nozzles. Machine comes... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Green & Clean, Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Automated Solution Recycling System incorporates Siemens controls.

Mar 24, 2016

Designed for factory floor, WasteWizard® features expandable modules to meet needs of diverse recycling applications and Siemens controls with programmable digital color display screen. Point-of-use system, compatible with water-based industrial fluids, uses process by which soluble waste contaminates are filtered out and collected while valuable components that can be reused are purified.... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Automated Robotic Washer accelerates precision parts cleaning.

Mar 14, 2016

Delivering speed and efficiency for precision parts washing operations, TT-180 Ransobotic Washer features robot-operated spray nozzles, precision worktable, as well as optimized controls and programmability. Cycle times range down to as little as 30 sec, and part size capabilities range up to 12 in.² and 40 lb. While standard and high-pressure (TT-180-HP) models are available, both have... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Parts Washer handles over 20,000 lb.

Nov 19, 2014

Configurable for variety of parts and capacities from camshafts to locomotive engine blocks, Lean-Jet® RB-FLEX+ uses triple action batch cleaning process. System combines agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, and heated blow-off drying. Equipped with Siemens programmable controller, washer is available with options such as clamp and flush, precision... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Aqueous Parts Washer eliminates need for solvent cleaners.

Apr 15, 2010

Featuring U1B transducers and all-solid-state controls, Grease Monkey Classic model GMC-3523 uses ultrasonics, oil removal, and particulate filtration to optimize cleaning performance for parts with one dimension up to 35 in. Self-contained cleaning system offers fully automated operation and features casters for portability. Load capability is rated to 125 lb, and working dimensions are 35 in.... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Parts Washer suits lean or cellular manufacturing processes.

Feb 10, 2006

Industrial-duty, rotary basket Lean-Jet Parts Washer provides multi-stage rotational cleaning, rinsing, and drying in common chamber, eliminating need for part transfer system. Aqueous-based unit is suited for industries that require cleaning of small to medium sized parts in low to medium volumes, such as screw machine parts, fasteners, and precision machined and formed parts. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Rotary Parts Washer is equipped with 2 baskets.

Jan 25, 2006

Lean-Jet RB-2 aqueous based parts cleaning system, designed for use within lean or cellular manufacturing processes, performs multi-stage rotational cleaning, rinsing, and drying in common chamber to eliminate need for part transfer system. Suited for cleaning small- to medium-sized parts in low- to medium-volumes, system design facilitates servicing in space-restricted areas. Read More

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