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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Cylinder Position Sensors offer integral strain relief.

Immune to EMC, polarity-protected BIM-UNT universal magnetic field sensor detects position of piston on standard pneumatic cylinders. It uses magneto-resistive, board level technology and features sensing face in front of sensor to aid in detecting short stroke cylinders. Quick mount tab helps seat sensor in cylinder groove, even before the screw is tightened, and screw is located away from...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

I/O Stations suit IP20 applications.

Featuring glass-filled nylon housing with integrated DIN-rail mount, FDN20 I/O Stations support up to 32 inputs or 16 dedicated inputs and 16 inputs/outputs on DeviceNet network. Units separate I/O into 3 isolated groups that may be powered by external source or by DeviceNet bus. Outputs are short circuit protected up to 0.5 A on 16 dedicated input and 16 I/O station. Applications include...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Pressure Transmitters work in humid environments.

Along with stainless steel diaphragm, PT 510 transmitter features fully welded construction that eliminates need for O-ring seal and is effective in humid environments with chilled media. Two-wire loop powered products have 4-20 mA analog linear output and -¼ in. NPT male process connection. Measurement ranges are available up to 500 psi, and accuracy rating is 0.5% of full-scale reading. Uses...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Compact M8 Splitters are mounted via molded-in holes.

Designed to increase connection possibilities in dual-input applications or M8-connectorized junction boxes, M8 picofast-® splitters consolidate two M8 picofast or two M12 eurofast-® connector branches into one M8 connector. There is choice of simple connector or connector with extension cable of any length. Splitters are available with PUR overmold and PVC, PUR, and other cable jackets. Rated...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

I/O Stations integrate I/O into PROFIBUS-DP networks.

Suited for pharmaceutical, chemical, and material handling industries, FDP20 I/O Stations are available in versions with 16 inputs, 16 inputs/outputs, and 8 inputs paired with 8 inputs/outputs. Glass-filled nylon housing with integrated DIN-rail connector provides IP 20 protection and makes stations suitable for integrating I/O in existing panels onto PROFIBUS. Nine-pin female D connector...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Power Connectors offer up to 15 A of current in molded body.

Rated for 600 Vac/Vdc, 3- and 4-pin M16 powerfast connectors are suited for conveyor, small motor, and material handling applications. Cord sets include fully encapsulated mating receptacles with nickel-plated brass housing and -½ in.-14 NPT, 3/8 in.-18 NPT, M18, and M20 mounting threads. Available with tray rated, exposed run PVC flexlife-® cable, connectors offer IEC IP 67 protection. They...

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Controls & Controllers

Power Conditioner is designed for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1.

With integrated diagnostics module that provides vital statistics, Diagnostic Power Conditioner system (DPC) assists in commissioning, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and troubleshooting of FOUNDATION fieldbus systems. It can supply up to 16 segments each with max of 800 mA output current and 30 Vdc output voltage. DPC also features complete galvanic isolation between diagnostics bus, H1...

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Automatic ID

Modular RFID System features built-in I/O capability.

BLident lets users add additional I/O modules for up to 8 channels of RFID with additional discrete or analog I/O comprising single node on network. Built on ISO15693 13.56 MHz HF standard, solution can be integrated into existing platforms and supports PROFIBUS-®-DP, DeviceNet(TM), Modbus-TCP, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP(TM). Non-programmable gateways and CoDeSys programmable gateways are...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Gateways handle EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.

BL20 gateways may be controlled by PLC or set up as separate system while using centralized server to monitor operations. System consists of gateway, base modules, and electronic modules. I/O modules are configured independent of fieldbus protocol, and up to 74 I/O modules may be connected to a system. I/Oassistant software is included to configure engineering, parameter set-up, documentation,...

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