Electronic Components & Devices

Expanded Sizes and Styles of Flex500PLUS(TM)

(Buffalo, N.Y.) - Caplugs now offers expanded sizes and styles of Flex500PLUS(TM) products, designed to mask fittings during high temperature finishing processes such as powder coating, e-coating, plating and more. Our Flex500PLUS line is specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to and beyond 500°F. We've expanded our line of Flex500PLUS by adding hundreds of new sizes. o Our HVC line...

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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Clear Plastic Tubing stores/displays products.

ClearView Plastic Tubing, suited for packaging, storing, shipping, or displaying product, is available in flexible PETG or Rigid PVC in various lengths and diameters. Both materials are UV resistant for outdoor applications. Tubing is offered with vinyl and plastic tube ends in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Hanger end caps are suited for displaying product in retail applications, while...

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