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Plasma Etch, Inc.

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Machinery & Machining Tools

Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner features handheld design.

Aug 30, 2016

Operating with no external gas hookup, Plasma Wand is suited for spot cleaning and surface modification of large objects before bonding. By removing organic material and activating surfaces, product optimizes strength of bonds. Plasma cleaning works well on materials such as glass, plastic, rubber, and even metal. With treatment distance of 5–10 mm and treatment width of 5–20 mm, Plasma Wand... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Plasma PCB Etching System eliminates need for CF4.

Feb 21, 2014

Using only 3-phase power and compressed air, Magna Series provides uniform etching on both sides of panel simultaneously while eliminating need for CF4 gas, which is commonly used by PCB manufacturers plasma etching systems for desmear and etch back processing. System comprises carousel that holds eight 19 x 28 in. panels, GXS 160/1750 Boc Edwards dry pump, 2,500 W RF generator, mass flow... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment

Plasma Cleaner delivers diverse features and capabilities.

Aug 06, 2013

Designed for Universities as well as R&D and production facilities, Venus Series offers fully automatic system control and process sequencing capabilities. Software enables features such as multiple recipe storage, data logging/trending, events/alarms, and multi-step sequencing, while processing area accommodates numerous parts/sizes. Additional features include computer control, mass flow... Read More

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