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Communication Systems & Equipment

Monitor measures vibration, position, and temperature.

Targeting balance-of-plant equipment, General Purpose Equipment Monitor, Model 1900/65, offers stand-alone, multi-channel monitoring. It provides 8 input channels, 6 configurable alarm relays, four 4-20 mA outputs, buffered output facilities for connection to portable diagnostic instruments, and optional display that can be mounted locally or up to 75 m away. Monitor can accept up to 4 vibration...

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Meter measures energy consumption in singlephase services.

Type I-210(TM) electronic watt-hour meter delivers solid-state measurement performance through its sensor design and mechanical construction. It meets or exceeds ANSIÂ-® industry standards with 60 Hz model, which operates at 120 and 240 Vac for Class 20, 100, 200, and 320 socket-based residential or commercial installations. Unit measures energy consumption in 2- or 3-wire transformer-rated...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Resistivity System determines presence of oil and gas.

Centerfire(TM) Resistivity System provides formation evaluation data while hole is being drilled. MWD probe mounted above resistivity collar facilitates retrieval and data transmission to surface. Tool combines multiple transmitter spacings and separate frequencies for accurate and stable readings, and is available in sizes with 4.75, 6.75, and 8.25 in. OD. System operates at temperatures to...

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HMI Package offers multilanguage support.

Powerlink Advantage v3 Human Machine Interface (HMI) package provides means to remotely control and obtain data from intelligent electronic devices. It gives operators detailed and timely supervision and control of all substation equipment with graphical, alarm, and text displays. Software includes French language translation, and multilanguage support enables addition of Western European...

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