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Multi-Protocol Framer suits Ethernet over SONET/SDH systems.

EXtendAR 48M(TM) XRT95L53 maps and de-maps data traffic between SPI-3 interface and standard SONET/SDH interfaces. It supports 48 DS3/E3 and fractional DS3/E3 framers on single chip, as well as flexible encapsulation and framing features including GFP, LAPS, ATM, and PPP/BCP. Device terminates section overhead and line overhead on OC-48/STM-16, 4xOC-12/, 16xOC-3 interfaces. Standard 16-bit...

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Controls & Controllers

T1/E1 LIU/Framer suits optical transport applications.

Voyager XRT86SH328 integrates 28-channel T1/E1 LIU/framer with VT/VU Mapper/DeMapper and M13 multiplexer. Each LIU channel supports R3 Technology, making unit reconfigurable, with integrated termination supporting all T1/E1/J1 line impedances. Architecture supports SONET/SDH compliant T1/E1 de-synchronizers in drop direction in addition to jitter attenuator functionality in add direction. Unit...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Zero Delay Buffers operate at speeds to 175 MHz.

Designed for use with SDRAM modules, clock driver Models XRK32510 and XRK39910 accurately align feedback output to clock input signal ensuring zero delay through IC. Each device distributes 1 clock input to bank of 10 outputs, resulting in low-skew, low-jitter copies of each clock. Model XRK39910 offers 8 zero delay outputs with less than 250 ps of output-to-output skew, selectable positive or...

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