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Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Mechanical Power Transmission

KinetiMax 42 EB Brushless DC Motor is IP54-rated.

Dec 12, 2017

KinetiMax 42 EB Brushless DC Motor offers operating life of 20,000 hours. Unit comes with integrated speed control loop and offers 70 mNm rated torque and 31 W output at 4300 RPM. Product is available in 6-wire version with tachometer output which is used for speed monitoring, speed input and direction input. Motor is offered in 12 or 24 VDC winding options and features shaft, mounting flange,... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

WheelMax™ Steering Series Wheel Drive Assemblies features helical gear geometry.

Nov 28, 2017

WheelMax™ Steering Series Wheel Drive Assemblies consist of traction wheel with tire, epicyclic gearbox, steering gear and bearing system and two PMDC brush motors. Units are suitable for AGVs, autonomous robotic material handlers, pushers and tuggers, powered utility carts, and hospital patient handler applications. Products come with load carrying capacity of 500 lb at up to 3 mph and... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

HeiMotion™ Premium Servo Motors offer holding torque from 0.18 up to 18.5 Nm.

Jun 05, 2017

Available in 40, 60, 80, 100 and 130 mm flange sizes with rated torque from 0.12 up to 14.4 Nm and continuous shaft power from 50 W to 3.75 kW, HeiMotion™ Premium Servo Motors are suitable for machine tools, autonomous vehicles, robots and medical diagnostic equipment. Delivering speeds ranging from 2,000 up to 9,000 rpm, motors offer winding voltage options ranging from 48 up to 560 V and... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

High-Speed Brushless Motor suits medical devices/equipment.

Oct 06, 2016

Designed primarily for medical ventilator and respirator use, ResMax 28 achieves speeds up to 90,000 rpm with dynamic responsiveness of 0–50,000 rpm in 20 ms (unloaded). Operating life is 30,000+ hr at 40,000 rpm (average speed), and maximum efficiency is 90%. Along with rated power of 46 W, these 28 mm, 24 V motors feature integrated Hall-effect sensors that provide commutation information... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless Torque Motor offers choice of integrated encoder.

Sep 23, 2015

Supplied in IP40-rated aluminum housing, CM-2600 Series comprises brushless DC motor, optical encoder, and precision bearing system. Unit delivers 26.8 oz-in. torque at 1,125 rpm for 22.3 W of continuous power. Featuring hollow stainless steel shaft with 0.748 in. ID, motor provides 97 oz-in. peak torque and no-load speed of 1,900 rpm. Models are available with ultra-low distortion sine-cosine... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Digital Motor Drive features sensorless, brushless design.

Nov 18, 2014

Designed to drive delta- or wye-connected brushless motors at up to 150,000 rpm, DPFlex™ II provides sensorless control, minimizing wiring complexity. Unit outputs up to 48 V and 30 A peak with 1,200 W of power to drive wide range of motors. Offering 20:1 speed control range, drive features full protection against most faults, including thermal overload. Patented technology enables detection of... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Mechanical Power Transmission

Digital Servo Drives deliver up to 1,000 W of motor power.

Sep 08, 2014

Panel- or DIN-rail mounted, Series SXD 15 can drive DC brush, DC brushless, or AC brushless motor requiring 1 kW of power. Standard ratings are 12–80 Vdc bus, 15 A continuous, and 30 A peak current. In addition to torque, velocity, and position control modes, drives provide 4 digital inputs, 1 digital output, 2 analog inputs, and 1 analog output. Series SXD 15 communicates via RS232, RS485, or... Read More