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Beckhoff Automation, LLC

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Panel PCs include control panels with various options.

Jul 23, 2003

Panel PCs combine aluminum constructed Control Panel LCD monitors, which range in screen size from 6.5-20 in., with 4 types of integrated PCs. Model CX1000 can be used as all-in-one Motion, PLC, and HMI controller, and CP6300 has one SBC capable of operating PIII 850 MHZ Intel Processor with one available ISA/PCI slot, 128 MB upgradeable SDRAM, and onboard Ethernet. Model CP6400 has all... Read More


Open Automation Suite simplifies automation processes.

Jan 27, 2003

TwinCAT v2.9 enables users to configure, program, and debug controllers with uniform, open software for sequence and motion. Configuration Mode automatically scans and recognizes network scanners, network nodes, and terminal and signal channels to simplify address assignment. TwinCAT System Manager allows for remote diagnostics and setup features during startup and machine service. Additional... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Controls & Controllers

Industrial PC provides motion control.

Jan 08, 2003

Model CS1000 Automation Control is a modular, DIN-rail-mounted unit that combines Microsoft© embedded operating systems and TwinCAT® CE PLC and motion control software in ruggedized hardware platform. It can handle up to 4 PLC tasks and run 1,000 PLC commands in 52 µsec. It operates up to 5 axes with control cycle time of 2 ms in parallel with PLC program. CX1000 contains 266 MHz Pentium... Read More