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Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Cavity Pressure Sensor comes with flexible connector cables.

Mar 15, 2017

Suitable for high cavitation molds with small, tightly packed ejector pins, Cavity Pressure Sensor is combined with eDART System for assisting molders in diagnosing processes. Designed with sensor head for matching with Piezoelectric 9211 6 mm button, units are available in 50 lb rating with ejector pins up to 2 mm diameter and 250 lb rating for pins up to 4.5 mm diameter. Sensors come in... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Controls & Controllers, Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Process Monitoring System features touchscreen interface.

Jan 03, 2012

With touchscreen interface, eDART System enables user to minimize inherent process variation that is common in molding facilities and allows user to produce repeatable parts. System features digital smart sensors, graphical analysis, real-time operation, and single unit or networking ability. By controlling process and implementing part containment, users can guarantee that no bad parts ship to... Read More

Press Fit Sensor analyzes melt and cavity temperature.

May 06, 2008

Able to analyze temperature variation inside mold cavity, Press Fit Cavity Temperature Sensor works in conjunction with eDART(TM) Process Control System to assist molders in diagnosing processing problems relating to temperature issues. Unit can be installed by drilling small hole for wire and flat bottomed pocket with tolerances necessary to press fit device in from cavity face. Placing sensors... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Test & Measuring Instruments

Strain Gage Signal Conditioner has simple machine interface.

Sep 07, 2007

Packaged in metal case with mounting plate and interface cable, 4015 strain gage signal conditioner converts output signal from any analog strain gage sensor into usable data for communication with molding machine. Unit provides amplification that converts retrieved signal from sensor to produce 0-10 V output signal that can be used for process monitoring and control. For optimal process... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Modules interface with sensors, diverters, and sequencers.

Jul 20, 2007

Used with eDART(TM) process controller, Lynx Surface Mount Modules feature EMI/ESD sealed enclosures and shielded industrial connectors. Analog Input Module, IA1-S-VI-24 can be used to interface with temperature, dew point, pressure, and other remote sensors, while OR2-S Dual Relay Output Module supplies signals to parts diverters, valve gate controllers, and machine input cards. With isolated... Read More

Controls & Controllers

Process Control System provides automated part containment.

Jan 04, 2007

Offering entry-level system for molders, eDART flx includes automatic sensor recognition and scaling, auto-zeroing of cavity pressure sensors, and automatic job selection. It can detect processing issues such as short shots or flash before mold opens, allowing user to set up containment procedures for failsafe part segregation. With eDART flx, molding problems can be analyzed by interpreting... Read More


Email Notification Software monitors plant-wide operations.

Jan 04, 2007

InsightAlert notifies users when their machines are not operating within optimal parameters, enabling efficient response to problems. Based on user preferences, email notifications are sent when all or any combination of specific events occur on monitored machines. Such events can include machine downtime during run, creation of reject parts, and creation of suspect parts. Users can filter out... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, HVAC, Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Terminal Block Module accepts up to 4 thermocouple inputs.

Oct 26, 2006

Interfacing between thermocouple temperature sensors and eDART System(TM), Lynx Quad Temperature Module enables eDART to monitor mold, machine, and auxiliary equipment conditions using temperature. Unit converts signals from analog to digital and is available for Type J or Type K thermocouples. Some applications that can be monitored include barrel/mold/nozzle temperature, coolant, and dryer... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Materials & Material Processing

Mold Identifier facilitates job startup.

May 05, 2004

Model ID/LX1-S Mold Identifier allows un-instrumented molds to utilize identifying and job startup features of company's eDART System(TM). Device mounts on moving or stationary mold half and recognizes each mold as it is placed in machine. Identifier gets power and communications through micro connector, which interfaces unit with eDART System to automatically load correct setup information... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Differential Pressure Sensor facilitates part molding.

May 05, 2004

Machine or mold mount, Lynx Delta LS-DP-100 is used with eDART System(TM) to measure difference in coolant pressure between mold inlet and outlet. Alarms can be set, allowing user to detect abnormalities in cooling lines, ranging from small blockage to complete line failure. Read More


Software alerts users of tool/machinery maintenance issues.

Feb 23, 2004

Windows-based InsightPM tracks tool repair histories, labor, and material costs. It is compatible with proprietary real-time production system, or independent spreadsheet can be prepared that feeds application using similar ASCII file format. Preventative maintenance can be scheduled by hours or dates run, and up to 10 tasks can be tracked for each tool or machine. Software generates work orders... Read More


Software Package allows long-term analysis of data.

Jun 11, 2003

InsightStats(TM) statistical software package interfaces directly with eDART and iLink process data and displays statistical information on one screen. Product allows for long-term analysis of data, providing X Bar and R and Histogram charts for all saved data, as well as scatter plots for correlation analysis. System can calculate CPK, PPK, and other statistical variables and works with current... Read More


DAQ Software ensures no bad parts are shipped to customers.

Jun 11, 2003

Insight System® provides tools necessary to take control of molding processes, eliminating element of chance to maximize efficiency. Offered with intelligent sensors, internal programs turn data into information that can be documented in graphs, spreadsheets, or reports. Single unit accommodates up to 60 sensor inputs and allows users to view processes in real time. All access can be password... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Sensor Adapter accepts inputs from any piezoelectric sensor.

Jun 10, 2003

Piezoelectric Sensor Adapter provides interface to eDART(TM) System. Based on type of input, adapter scales signal from sensor and sends digital cavity pressure signal to eDART(TM) controller. Small housing allows for easy installation, even if available space is limited. Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers

Piezoelectric Sensor suits small mold applications.

Jun 10, 2003

Model 9211 6 mm, button-style sensor utilizes quartz element to produce charge proportional to pressure measured. It measures force up to 556 lb and comes with detachable cable. Sensor is suited for applications where space is limited. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

Slip Ring Connector fits injection molding machines.

Nov 18, 2002

Slip Ring Connector allows molders with rotary table machines to install digital Lynx(TM) cavity pressure sensors without cabling impediment caused by 360° rotational movement. Insight System(TM) users can continuously receive information from up to 32 Lynx cavity pressure sensors that are mounted on rotary table molds. Read More

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