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Imtra Introduces Side-Power SR Series Retractable Thrusters

New High-Performance Fully Retractable Thruster Series Brings the Convenience of an Advanced Thruster System to a Greater Variety of Boaters New Bedford, Mass. - Imtra, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today a new line of retractable thrusters, the Side-Power SR Series SR80/185T and SR100/185T. Meeting the growing demand for greater maneuverability, the...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

LED Spot Light suits helm and nighttime navigation.

Featuring white LED light in warm or cool white tones, and red or blue secondary color, Portland Bi-Color PowerLED Spot Light provides 60° illumination angle. When installed with PWM dimmer and momentary switch, white LED is dimmable from 0-100%. Stainless steel and white finish models are waterproof and rated at IP65, while satin nickel and gold models are rated IP40 for indoor areas. Operating...

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Mechanical Power Transmission

Upgrade Kits increase power and performance for boats.

Side-Power Thruster upgrade kit lets users replace Side-Power 4-blade props with 5-blade Q-prop for increased power, quiet operation, and maneuverability. Each Side-Power 5-blade Q-prop is designed for specific individual thruster, and performance is optimized by propeller skew blade design that reduces water friction and minimizes water turbulence within thruster tunnel. Kit components include...

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