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Optics & Photonics, Robotics, Test & Measuring Instruments, Vision Systems

2.1 Megapixel Quantalux™ sCMOS Camera is equipped with monochrome sensor.

Oct 11, 2017

2.1 Megapixel Quantaluxℱ sCMOS Camera comes with USB 3.0 interface and 1e‐ read‐noise imager. Unit measures 2.38 in. x 2.78 in. dimensions and is integrated with adjustable C‐Mount (1.000 in. to 32) adapter. Product features SM1‐threaded (1.035 in. to 40) optical aperture and mounting taps. Suitable for fluorescence microscopy, low‐light inspection, VIS/NIR and multispectral... Read More

Controls & Controllers

MTD1020T OEM-Grade TEC Driver comes with internal analog filter.

Sep 04, 2017

MTD1020T OEM-Grade TEC Driver can deliver output current up to ±2 A. Featuring true bipolar 20 W power stage, amplification circuit and digital PID temperature control loop, unit is embedded with digital UART/RS232-compatible programming interface. Product measures 21.0 mm x 27.0 mm x 10.3 mm dimension and is operated in a temperature range of -20 °C to 60 °C. Compatible with 10 k℩ NTC... Read More

Optics & Photonics

EXULUS-HD1 Reflective 2D SLM used in optical trapping.

Nov 13, 2016

Ideally used in beam steering and shaping, femtosecond pulse shaping, EXULUS-HD1 Reflective 2D SLM is made using LCoS technology. Unit has built-in SLM panel with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 6.4”m pixel pitch and a 12.5 mm x 7.1 mm active area. SLM provides high-resolution, highspeed phase modulation with minimal fluctuations. Operates from 400nm to 850nm with phase stroke of 2π at 633nm and... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Mechanical Power Transmission

Piezoelectric Actuators/Chips and Stacks enable flexible designs.

Sep 15, 2016

Piezoelectric actuators, low-voltage piezoelectric chips, and discrete stacks with through holes enable actuator integration flexibility. Driven under max voltage of 150 V to provide maximum free stroke displacements from 1.8–3.0 ”m with sub-millisecond response, chips can be manufactured with or without pre-attached wires and with 2.0–6.0 mm dia holes, 5.0 x 5.0 mm to 10.0 x 10.0 mm... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Mechanical Power Transmission

Manual Translation Stages are designed for precision.

Sep 14, 2016

Comprised of cross roller bearing, aluminum-bodied translation stages, XR-Series offers rear- and side-actuation. These 1 in. travel stages come with all components needed to have left- or right-handed X, XY, XZ, YZ, and XYZ configurations, and integrated dovetail feature for stacking can also be used to provide custom mounting options. Along with <150 ”rad angular deviation in pitch and yaw,... Read More

Optics & Photonics

DIY Modular Microscopy Platform accepts wide component range.

Aug 22, 2016

To construct imaging system tailored to specific applications, Cerna optomechanical platform can be combined with choice of optical, electronic, motion control, and vision parts. Throat depth of 7.74 in. maximizes working volume for sample apparatuses as well as working space around optical path. Each rail side incorporates 95 mm wide dovetail that mates directly with microscope modules, and... Read More

Optics & Photonics, Vision Systems

Superluminescent Diode Light Sources target imaging applications.

Apr 26, 2010

Available in 1,310 and 1,550 nm wavelength versions with SM and PM fiber, S5FC Series Benchtop Superluminescent Diode Light Sources provide typical power output from 2.5-30 mW and are equipped with FC/APC bulkhead connectors. LCD interface enables users to view and set current and temperature for each fiber-coupled laser independently, while USB connection enables remote laser adjustment, and... Read More

Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Ergonomic Antivibration Workstations feature modular design.

Dec 08, 2009

Consisting of breadboard and frame, base ScienceDesk Workstations are available with working surfaces from 2 x 3 ft to 3 x 4 ft. Range of vibration isolation options and accessories are available depending on application and environment. With shelving options, user can add or remove shelves and place instrumentation above, below, or around isolated work surface. Applications include... Read More

Optics & Photonics, Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Vision Systems

Toolkit facilitates implementation of adaptive optics.

Jan 25, 2008

Offered as turnkey solution, Adaptive Optics (AO) Toolkit allows researchers to integrate adaptive optics into their research systems within hours. Kit is comprised of Thorlab WFS150C Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor, with 1.3-megapixel CCD camera; BMC 140 actuator Multi-DM deformable mirror system; and software that minimizes wavefront distortion. Control software also lets user monitor wavefront... Read More

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