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Fasteners & Hardware

Right Angle Clinch Fasteners offer alternative to bent tabs.

Oct 16, 2003

R'ANGLE self-clinching fasteners include self-tapping and steel threaded types that install permanently in metal sheets as thin as .040 mm. Self-tapping Type RAAª aluminum clinch fasteners require thread-forming screws and come in sizes No. 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, M3, or M4. Threaded Type RASª steel clinch fasteners come in No. 4-40, 6-32, and 8-32, M3, and M4 sizes; install in aluminum or steel... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Standoffs enable quick removal of PC boards.

Aug 21, 2003

Type SKC(TM) PEM® KEYHOLE® standoff fasteners allow PC boards or panels to placed and removed by sliding board sideways and lifting it off. Stainless steel standoffs are suited for spacing or hanging replaceable components. Fasteners are available in various unified and metric lengths for permanent installation in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .040 in., and can be installed using a... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Fasteners have Teflon®-based coating.

Jun 23, 2003

PEM® self-clinching fasteners are suited for applications where hardware is installed prior to painting. During assembly, threads of mating hardware will remove masking material and paint, allowing clean joining of parts. Coating preserves integrity of fastener threads and will not adversely affect fastener plating. Teflon-based coating's lubricity enables coated fasteners to be used where... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Nuts suit thin-sheet applications.

Jan 29, 2003

Type SMPS(TM) stainless steel nuts provide reusable threads with 1 mating screw required to complete component attachment. They can be installed in sheets as thin as .025 in. to become permanent part of assembly. Made from 300 Series stainless steel, fasteners are available in unified and metric thread sizes No. 2-56 through No. 6-32 and M2.5 through M3.5. They have diameter of .220 in. and... Read More

Cable-Tie Hooks are self-clinching.

Oct 02, 2002

Type TDO(TM) cable-tie hooks provide secure attachment points for mounting cables and wires to electronic chassis or enclosures. Hook allows users to attach, remove, and return tie-bundled cables and wires from mounting points when servicing components or replacing/upgrading cables and wires. Able to install permanently without screws or other hardware, cable-tie hooks are available in sizes that... Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products

Cable-Tie Mounts and Hooks provide secure attachment points.

Sep 19, 2002

Type TY-D(TM) self-clinching cable-tie mounts and hooks permanently secure wires to electronic chassis/enclosures without screws or adhesives. They are offered in varying sizes for installation in sheets with thicknesses from .040 to .125 in. Type TD(TM) mounts allow users to slide ties easily through hardware's eye, while Type TDO(TM) hooks enable users to attach, remove, and return tie-bundled... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Panel Fasteners enable access to components after assembly.

Jul 25, 2002

With captive-screw design, self-clinching panel fasteners are suitable for attaching metal panels as thin as .036 in. They are available in two types: with knurled knobs (Type PF13(TM)) and without (Type PF14(TM)). Both complete spring-loaded panel fastener assemblies are offered with choice of three screw lengths and thread sizes from #4-40 through 1/4-20 and M3 through M6. Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Fasteners eliminate need for nuts and bolts.

May 14, 2002

Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum self-clinching devices provide permanent load-bearing threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped. Fasteners also can serve as alternatives to extruded or stamped threads. They are available in dozens of types and thousands of variations, including free-running, self-locking, floating, and blind hole types meeting unified, ISO, and MIL standards. Fasteners... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Die-Feeding System eliminates secondary operations.

Mar 14, 2002

Portable PEMSERTER(R) Die-Feeding System installs self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs in workpieces during stamping processes. System utilizes multi-pin, twist-lock connectors, and includes touch-screen and online library of fault/help screens. Only standard 110 V receptacle and shop air are required for operation. System can be configured for multiple or single insertions, generally... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Fasteners & Hardware

Cable-Tie Hook provides secure and removable mounting.

Jan 22, 2002

Type TDO self-clinching hook provides attachment points for mounting tie-bundled wires to electronic chassis or enclosures. It provides capability for users to temporarily remove wire bundle from mounting point. Hook installs in sheets from .040 to .125 in., uses no adhesives, which can fail over time, promotes EMI/RFI shielding, and reduces possibility of contamination by eliminating need for... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Screw Inserter installs small screws in metal or plastic.

Nov 28, 2001

Stickscrew® works with StickShooter driver for accurate small-screw insertion. System eliminates loose screws by using sticks of up to 110 serially connected hex-head screws in sizes ranging from #0-80 to #8-32 and M2 to M3. Sticks are placed in driver and install and twist off cleanly when precise seating torque is reached. It works with machine, thread-forming, and thread-cutting screws in... Read More