Machinery & Machining Tools

Crimping Tools have ergonomic design.

Manual, battery, and hydraulic crimping tools support copper and aluminum compression connectors. New tools available are: 6.2 ton battery operated dieless tool, 12 ton battery operated die tool, hand ratchet crimper, 12 ton hand hydraulic tool, 12 ton hydraulic head, 15 and 6.2 ton hand hydraulic dieless tools, 6.2 ton dieless remote head, and 15 ton remote hydraulic head. Battery tools are...

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Construction Equipment and Supplies

Power Grip Connectors meet ANSI C119.4 specs.

UTILCO Power Grip Hot Line Connectors for high current overhead and equipment tap applications have direct drive eyebolt that is in line with V shaped jaw, creating mechanical wedge that assures constant 3-point loading on connection. Grooves in jaw serve to remove cable oxidation, thus improving integrity of connection as it is being installed. Power Grips accommodate multiple sizes of...

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