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Controls & Controllers, HVAC

Evaporative Cooling Optimizer reduces water waste.

Aug 04, 2004

Providing complete evaporative cooling control, Water Wizard(TM) measures outside temperature and humidity and adjusts water supply to provide required amount of water for maximum evaporative cooling. On cool or humid days, product reduces water supply, while on hot or dry days, it increases water supply to meet increased maximum cooling potential. Design facilitates accurate set-up and... Read More


Exhaust System suits laboratory applications.

Jul 01, 2004

Self-contained, Vektor(TM) High Plume Dilution Blower employs discharge nozzle design that entrains additional ambient air to mix with potentially hazardous exhaust fumes. Additional air dilutes lab effluent, displacing exhaust high above roof and away from building makeup air systems. Mixed-flow impeller is available in AMCA type C or type B spark-resistant construction, for laboratories that... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products

Severe Duty Louvers are AMCA-licensed.

May 11, 2004

Wind Driven Rain Louvers range from narrow profile, 2 in. frame depth to 8 in. frame depth in both horizontal and vertical blade configurations. Each has been subjected to rainfall rates up to 8 in. per hour with external wind speeds up to 50 mph. Read More


Centrifugal Fans offer 4 and 8 direct drive arrangements.

Apr 26, 2004

Series BISW eliminates need for belts and pulleys because motor is directly connected to impeller or fan shaft via coupling. Suited for heavy-duty air movement, fans come with partial wheel widths to adjust fan performance. All direct-drive units are licensed to bear AMCA label for sound and air. Read More


Stainless Steel Dampers resist corrosion.

Apr 15, 2004

Made completely of 316 stainless steel, Severe Environment Dampers are available in more than 20 models, providing fire life safety, control, and backdraft damper functions. Configurations include round, commercial, industrial, dynamic fire, smoke, and fire smoke dampers. Dampers are suited for paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, food processing plants, laboratories, and... Read More


Roof Fans perform up to 1.25 in. wg and 37,500 cfm.

Mar 30, 2004

Suited for general clean air applications, Series L low silhouette, centrifugal fans are available in Fabra hood style or louvered penthouse style versions. Penthouse units offer severe-duty housing that can endure high winds and wind-blown debris. Fans meet stringent Miami-Dade County test protocols for large missile impact, uniform static air pressure, and uniform cyclic wind loading. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Safety & Security Equipment

Fire Suppression Hood is suited for use in restaurants.

Feb 18, 2004

Self-contained Amerex® Zone Defense(TM) restaurant fire suppression system incorporates discharge nozzles equally spaced over entire length of Greenheck kitchen hood. Pneumatic Linear Detection device, located behind filters, runs entire length of hood and activates automatically at pre-determined temperature. Features include overlapping spray of wet chemical agent and 34 in. deep x length of... Read More


Grease Exhaust Fan fits in tight areas.

Jan 28, 2004

Inline, centrifugal Model TCB is available with UL 762 listing for grease exhaust in restaurant applications. It features welded steel housing with formed inlet and outlet flanges, grease-tight silicone gaskets, and internal labyrinth seal that keeps contaminated air out of gasketed bearing chamber. Easy Access Panel allows cleaning of housing interior and wheel. Model TCB meets NFPA 96... Read More


Fans provide non-tempered make-up air.

Dec 29, 2003

Part of total kitchen ventilation system, direct-drive Model KSFD comes in 2 housing sizes to provide air volumes from 400-2,000 cfm. Belt-drive Model KSFB also offers 2 housing sizes and provides air volumes from 1,000-10,500 cfm. Both are available with standard or extended weather hood to meet NFPA-96 requirements when used with CUBE fan, or as stand-alone units. Read More

Lab Exhaust System provides 500-24,000 cfm per fan.

Dec 10, 2003

Model TCB-LE tubular centrifugal laboratory exhaust system offers alternative to standard field built-up fan and stack assemblies. High-velocity exhaust cone displaces hazardous or noxious fumes high above roof, preventing roof damage or re-entry into building's make-up air system. Optional bypass air plenum and damper adds ambient air to exhaust to further dilute fumes and provide additional... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products

Wind-Driven Rain Louver offers 99.9% rain rejection.

Aug 08, 2003

With blade depth of 7 in., EHH-701 horizontal blade, wind-driven rain louver protects against weather infiltration. When subjected to accelerated wind-driven rain test of 50 mph wind and 8 in. rain/hr, product maintains Rain Rejection Effectiveness Class of A with 99.9% rain rejection. Read More


Ventilator meets elevator shaft ventilation codes.

Jul 31, 2003

Gravity Ventilator, Model PEV-400 is comprised of 3 sides of standard, stationary, non-drainable louver Model ESJ-401, along with one side of 1/8 in. thick plate glass that can be broken with pressure of fire hose. Fire smoke damper is located in throat of curb and wired into fire control panel. Read More


Ventilator provides airflow up to 20,000 cfm.

Jul 01, 2003

Pre-engineered APEX Energy Recovery Ventilator offers supplemental cooling and heating options to condition 100% of outdoor air to desired temperature and humidity for summer and winter operation. It saves 3-4 tons of cooling per 1,000 cfm of outdoor air in most climates. Unit is factory-wired and easy to install. Range of options and accessories are available. Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, HVAC

Louvered Enclosure provides hurricane protection.

Jun 18, 2003

Severe Duty Louvered Enclosure has structural steel frame, steel curb with mounting flange, and is shipped fully assembled. It protects powered roof top ventilators or acts as intake/exhaust penthouse for roof penetrations. Enclosure meets requirements established by South Florida Building Code: Miami-Dade County test protocols TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203. Read More


Grease Fan helps meet NFPA requirements.

Apr 29, 2003

Model USGF Ultimate Steel Grease Fan utilizes heavy-gauge, continuously welded steel construction, easy-access clean-out port, non-stick steel wheel, hinged curb cap, and drain trough. Available in 5 sizes with performances to 4,000 cfm and 3 in. wg, fan aids users in meeting frequent cleaning requirements of NFPA 96, for severe grease applications, where inspection and cleaning of ventilation... Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products

Louvers are architecturally designed for outside walls.

Jan 10, 2003

Extruded-aluminum Model ESID-430 provides air-exhaust blades and intake blades within common frame, limiting short cycling of air. It includes drainable head and sloped sill to maximize resistance to water carryover. Models ESJ-401LT and ESD-403LT are lighter-weight versions of existing non-drainable blade and drainable blade louvers. They come with stationary, extruded-aluminum blades. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Gas-Fired Furnace provides airflows to 15,000 cfm.

Jan 09, 2003

Model IGX-HV indirect gas-fired make-up air unit can heat space to desired temperature, and can provide outside air to meet ASHRAE-62 ventilation requirements. Eight mixing box control options and 5 thermostat options provide range of ventilation and return air functions and settings. Furnace is 80% thermal efficient and includes post purge cycle which runs combustion fan after unit is shut down... Read More


Fans remove and disperse contaminated air.

Jan 02, 2003

Tube axial roof upblast fans are suitable for applications such as general exhaust, industrial space ventilation, and fume hood or paint booth exhaust. Both TAUD direct drive and TAUB-CA belt drive fans use heavy-duty, dynamically balanced, cast aluminum airfoil propellers that move air volumes from 2,800-74,000 cfm at static pressures up to 1.0 in. wg. TAUB-CA models offer spark resistant... Read More


Mixed Flow Fan delivers 1,000 to 96,000 cfm.

Dec 23, 2002

Direct drive fan provides static pressures up to 9.5 in. wg. Elimination of belts, shaft bearings, and pulleys reduces maintenance. Motor bearings can be lubricated through extended lubrication lines. Half-axial, half-centrifugal wheel design combines straight-through airflow of vane axials and lower sound levels of tubular centrifugal fans. Inlet silencers, outlet silencers, and Sound Vault... Read More


Heating System provides space heating for warehouses.

Oct 29, 2002

GreenHeat System uses direct gas-fired burner designed and ETL listed for 140°F temperature rise. It includes discharge diffuser to evenly distribute high temperature air for consistent space heating. Louvers, roof fans and propeller fans are available to complete package. Read More