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Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, HVAC, Plant Furnishings & Accessories

Louvered Penthouses are Miami-Dade qualified.

Jul 15, 2009

Designed to function as gravity ventilators or equipment enclosures, Models ESD-635PD and EHH-601PD are approved for use inside or outside Florida's High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Model ESD-635PD features 6 in. deep drainable-style louver blades, while Model EHH-601PD has 6 in. deep, horizontal, wind-driven rain louver blades. Both feature all-aluminum construction and max design wind load of 115... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heat Recovery Unit has low leakage and no moving parts.

Jul 07, 2009

Using aluminum core (plate), cross-flow plate exchanger Model PVe recovers up to 60% of energy in exhaust airstream and returns it to supply air. It features stainless steel drain pans, removable hinged doors, belt drive blowers with adjustable pulleys, pitched roof, and integral lifting points and lift locations. Delivering performance of 1,000-6,000 cfm, unit is suited for garage exhaust,... Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless DC Motor operates on 115 V single-phase input.

May 28, 2009

Available in ¼, ½ and ¾ hp sizes, electronically commutated high-efficiency motor Vari-Green is capable of operating from 20-100%. Unit offers 3 different control options including 0-10 Vdc input wiring, motor-mounted dial, or wall-mounted dial. Read More


Backdraft Dampers are rated for velocities up to 2,000 fpm.

May 07, 2009

Round backdraft damper Model WDR-53 features galvanized steel frame with aluminum blade, while Model SSWDR-53 is constructed with 304 stainless steel frame and blade. They can be installed horizontally for vertical up/down airflow or mounted vertically for horizontal airflow, and offer pressures up to 2 in. wg in diameter sizes from 4-24 in. Both models are available with optional top frame... Read More


Energy Recovery Ventilator suits outdoor installations.

Nov 04, 2008

Weather-resistant Model ERVe, offering performance ranges from 1,000-6,000 cfm, is designed with pitched roof and drainable base that promote protection against water penetration. In addition to 1 in. double-wall construction and hinged access panels, features include optimized blower performance for each housing size and multiple energy wheel options for selections based on horsepower,... Read More


Plenum Fan features 12-bladed airfoil wheel.

Jun 25, 2008

Available in both belt and direct drive versions, Model QEM is suitable for lower pressure supply or return air handling applications. Unit can be specified with wide range of accessories including inlet guards, protective cages, and isolators. Belt-drive Model QEM is licensed to bear AMCA Seal for sound and air performance. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

Switches enable testing of motorized life safety dampers.

Apr 05, 2007

Suited for use in dynamic smoke management systems containing combination fire smoke dampers, toggle switch Model GTS-1 and key switch Model GTS-2 provide normal, closed, and override positions with open and close indicator lights. Model GTS-3 features momentary test switch with open and close indicator lights, while Model GTS-4 has open and close indicator lights only. All come with 5 x 5 in.... Read More

HVAC, Mounting & Attaching Products

Base Assembly allows hinging of spun aluminum fans.

Mar 19, 2007

Hinged base assembly includes factory-assembled hinge, hold-open restraint cables, and curb seals mounted to base that slides directly over standard curb. It is available on Model CUE and CUBE spun aluminum fans sizes 200 and smaller. Read More


Exhaust Fans withstand winds up to 150 mph.

Feb 13, 2007

With no tie-downs to roof, high-wind and hurricane exhaust fans feature structural bracing on interior and exterior of fan as well as high-wind roof curb. Models H-G direct drive and H-GB belt drive fans, designed for general exhaust applications, feature performance ranges up to 14,000 cfm and up to 2.75 in. wg. Suited for restaurants, models H-CUE direct drive and H-CUBE belt drive fans range... Read More


Make-Up Air Unit is designed for commercial kitchens.

May 12, 2006

ETL listed to ANSI Z83.4 and CAN 3.7, Model DGK is direct gas-fired make-up air unit that features cast aluminum burners with SS mixing plates, Maxitrol electronic modulation burner control, and 25:1 turndown ratio. Manufactured for weather resistance, unit's housings and filtered weather hood are constructed of heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel. Airflow volumes range from 800-4,500 cfm with... Read More


Hooded Roof Fans suit low pressure/low volume applications.

Feb 20, 2006

Intended for general commercial clean air ventilation, axial exhaust Model AE and axial supply Model AS are available in 7 sizes from 10-24 in. propeller diameters. Units offer capacities up to 6,000 cfm and up to 1.0 in. w.g. of static pressure. Both spun aluminum, direct-drive fans are AMCA certified for sound and air performance and UL listed. Read More


Roof Supply Fan provides non-tempered, filtered make-up air.

Feb 17, 2006

Featuring double width, forward curved centrifugal wheel, roof-mounted Model SAF is available in 5 sizes and can be specified from 725-14,000 cfm with up to 3.5 in. w.g. of static pressure. It features rubber in-shear true vibration isolation along with standard lifting lugs, galvanized steel housing, 1 in. washable aluminum filters, pre-drilled mounting holes, and NEMA-1 disconnect. Fan is AMCA... Read More


Air Control Damper uses Lon-based programmable controller.

Jun 23, 2005

Aluminum airfoil blade damper, Model IAQ-42 utilizes Speciflow(TM) technology with integrated airflow monitoring and control. It features rated accuracy of 5% of reading for face velocities of 300-2,000 fpm. Damper helps buildings meet minimum outdoor air requirements for ASHRAE Standard 62 and California Title 24. Unit is IECC compliant with leakage rating of 3 cfm/ft² at 1 in. wg or less. Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Make-Up Air Unit suits institutional applications.

Mar 17, 2005

Model IG-HV features power-vented, 80% efficient, indirect gas-fired furnace with post-purge cycle. It provides airflow volumes to 7,000 cfm with heating capacities up to 400,000 btu/hr input. Unit is supplied with double width, double inlet, forward curved blowers tested to AMCA standards. It offers 3 heating and ventilation options plus 8 economizer and mixing box options, and can be supplied... Read More


Insulated Control Damper has thermally broken frame.

Jan 17, 2005

Suited for outdoor air intake systems, Model ICD incorporates damper frame that has 2 thermal breaks with dual polyurethane resin gaps and is insulated on all 4 sides with polystyrene. Blades are thermally broken and filled with polyurethane for insulating characteristics. Product's design reduces transfer of heat or cold and virtually eliminates condensation. Read More


Vertical Indoor Air Handler heats and/or cools buildings.

Dec 17, 2004

Featuring insulated double-wall construction, Model VFC vertical fan coil air handling unit is suited for use in schools, office buildings, and medical facilities. Panels on each side of unit offer access to all internal components, and internal neoprene isolation reduces potential of vibration noise. Equipped with flexible blower connection to housing, unit is available in 7 sizes with... Read More


Make-Up Air Unit is gas-fired.

Dec 07, 2004

Available in horizontal and down discharge arrangements, Model IG features single-piece design for optimized weather resistance. It utilizes power-vented, 80% efficient, gas-fired furnace and is ETL labeled to ANSI Standards Z83.3 and CGA 2.6. Supplied with double width, double inlet forward curved blowers, product offers airflow volume range from 800-7,000 cfm with heating capacities up to... Read More


Roof Exhaust Fans provide tamper resistance.

Nov 12, 2004

Belt-drive Model NYB and direct-drive Model NYD prevent entry into fan unit or building. Galvanized steel hinged hood provides access to all internal components. Featuring backward inclined wheel, centrifugal fans are available in 10 different sizes with capacities from 169-8,080 cfm and up to 1.25 in. wg of static pressure. They are licensed to bear AMCA Seal for Air Performance. Read More


Indoor Air Handler suits limited space applications.

Sep 02, 2004

Available in 8 sizes, horizontal Model LFC Low Profile Fan Coil covers performance range from 300-4,700 cfm and up to 3.5 in. wg. It features insulated double wall housing, removable stainless steel drain pan, 4 access panels, and internally-isolated drive frame to help eliminate potential for noise transmitting through ductwork. Unit is suited for cooling and/or heating schools, office... Read More


Axial Fan provides inline air ventilation.

Aug 18, 2004

Direct-drive Model AX is available in 14 sizes that cover range of volumetric flow and pressure conditions up to 115,000 cfm and 5 in. wg. Typical applications include general ventilation and emergency smoke exhaust in commercial and industrial buildings. Fan is licensed to bear AMCA Seal for Air Performance and is UL 705 Listed. Read More