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Small Cabinet Fan provides heat or air conditioning.

Oct 03, 2002

Model MSCF Modular Small Cabinet Fan recirculates, reconditions, supplies, or mixes air. Modular construction allows for sections to be added or reconfigured. Each section has access doors on both sides providing accessibilty to all components. Belt-drive Model MSCF incorporates forward curved wheel and drive frame isolation for quiet operation. It provides air volume from 300 to 4,250 cfm, with... Read More


Reversible Fans suit factory and warehouse applications.

Jul 25, 2002

Sidewall Propeller Reversible Fans give user flexibility of either exhausting or supplying clean air. Model SBCR belt drive fan provides up to 80,000 cfm, while Model SCR3 direct drive fan provides up to 50,000 cfm. Both incorporate cast aluminum propeller and double spun venturi, which are designed to allow equal performance in either direction. Accessories include wall housings, wall collars,... Read More


Dock Fan produces up to 3,800 cfm.

Jul 18, 2002

Model DF high-velocity dock fan recirculates air for peronnel working in and around loading docks and trailers. Unit features 1/2 hp motor, aluminum propeller, and polyester powder coating that resists corrosion. It is mounted in yoke on 30 in. arm, which provides 3 pivot points. Fan is available with light fixture that handles up to 300 W to provide visibility in dark trailers and corners. Read More


External Supply Plenum is available in four supply styles.

Jul 18, 2002

External plenum is offered with Face, Air Curtain, Variable, and Back Supply styles. Face supplies make-up air to cooking space through slanted face supply unit, and Air Curtain introduces air in downward pattern. Variable supply allows user to adjust percentage of air introduced from 100% face with 0% air curtain to 50% face with 50% air curtain. Back supply provides make-up air along wall below... Read More


Class II Fans offer quiet operation.

Apr 29, 2002

QEI Class II fans provide static pressure capability from 4.0 to more than 8.0 in. wc, making them suitable for supply air applications. They use mixed flow inline design to combine efficiency of vane axial fan with quietness of centrifugal fan. Blades are specifically pitched to handle high pressures. All QEI fans are AMCA licensed for sound and air performance. Read More


Energy Recovery Ventilator recovers 80% of energy.

Apr 25, 2002

Model ERH recovers energy from exhaust air and transfers it to supply air stream, substantially reducing energy costs. It provides airflow from 1,000 to 10,000 cfm, with static pressure capabilities up to 2.0 in. Heating options include indirect gas, hot water coil or electric coil. Because it handles heat tempering only, it is smaller and more economical than units that can also handle cooling. Read More


Fan is quiet enough for libraries.

Apr 16, 2002

QEI mixed flow fan comes with Sound Vault Housing that is lined with 2 in. of sound-attenuating insulation, integral isolators, and flexible connections to lock-in radiated sound and minimize vibration transmission. Housing reduces radiated sound levels by more than 50%, making it suitable for fans located adjacent to occupied workspace. Applications include office buildings, libraries, or... Read More

Make-Up Air Unit is direct gas-fired.

Feb 27, 2002

Part of X-series modular make-up air units, Model DGX direct gas-fired unit provides heated make-up air to commercial and industrial facilities. It is available with various housing sizes and capacities to 23,000 cfm. It also offers mechanical and evaporative cooling capacities, as well as industrial space heating capabilities. Read More

Make-Up Air Supply has flexible, modular construction.

Feb 14, 2002

Model MSX is suitable for make-up air applications where gas-fired heating is not desired. Coil heating and/or cooling tempering options are available, or unit may be used for untempered applications. MSX provides 15,000 cfm capacity (max), mechanical and evaporative cooling capacities, and mixing box capabilities. Read More


Tube Axial Fans are offered in medium pressure range.

Jan 03, 2002

Medium pressure tube axial fans are available with heavy-gauge construction, and are capable of performances exceeding 95,000 cfm with pressures up to 3.25 in. wg. They are available with direct and belt drive construction. Medium pressure axial fans are available with bolt-on straightening vane section to improve fan efficiency by up to 20%. Applications include commercial or industrial... Read More


Transfer Fans ventilate small spaces.

Jan 02, 2002

Compact Model CBF Transfer Fans fit in place of standard 16 x 8 in. concrete block, provide performance to 500 cfm and up to 0.4 in. wg of static pressure, and can be mounted in any wall using furnished mounting flanges and powder coated steel grille. Efficient propeller, venturi and motor combine for low sound levels with minimal restriction to airflow, making fans suitable for ventilating... Read More


Roof Supply Fans come with washable aluminum filters.

Dec 27, 2001

Models RSF and RSFP centrifugal filtered roof supply fans feature forward curved centrifugal wheels. Performance capabilities range from 650 to 14,300 cfm and up to 2 in. wg of static pressure. Model RSF has straight-sided hood, and is designed to provide unrestricted airflow and maximum weather protection. Model RSFP adds louvered penthouse with mitered corners, and is designed to provide... Read More


Underfloor Fan installs between raised floor pedestals.

Nov 28, 2001

Energy efficient Model UFT variable speed fan accommodates varying heating and cooling loads in perimeter zone and interior rooms. It delivers up to 1798 cfm. Units are available with hot water or electric reheat coils to offset cold downdrafts at exterior of building. For interior rooms, where only cooling is required, units without reheat coils may be specified. Read More

Make-Up Air Unit is ETL-listed to ANSI standards.

Nov 17, 2001

Model IGX Indirect Gas-fired Make-up Air unit provides airflow capacity up to 15,000 cfm and heating capacity from 100,000 to 1,200,000 Btu/hr. It features 80% efficient furnaces that are ETL-listed to ANSI standard Z83.8. Evaporative cooling, DX, and chilled water cooling options are also available. Mixing box option enables IGX to mix outdoor air and return air for applications that require... Read More