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Test & Measurement

OTDR is suited for FTTx network testing.

Palm-Sized Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer is used to test and measure physical characteristics of optical fiber for manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of optical fiber communication systems. Portable unit offers 3 central wavelengths and VLF, useful for testing passive optical networks. File management capabilities enable saving, browsing, and deleting files to or from USB stick and...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Converter turns Nx64k data stream into E1 PCM signals.

Designed to support transparent non-frame structure E1 transmission, CNV-10 continuously converts Nx64k data stream to E1 PCM signals with transmission rate of up to 2,048 kbps. This framing G.703/V.35 converter displays local normal working as well as alarm status and can conduct local analog loop as well as long distant loop. Continuous time slot distribution of CNV-10 depends on data terminal...

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Communication Appliance is based on Intel 945GC chipset.
Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Communication Appliance is based on Intel 945GC chipset.

Driven by IntelÂ-® 945GC chipset supporting FSB 800/533 MHz, NAR-4060, 1U appliance supports Intel CeleronÂ-® 400 series 35 W processors; dual-channel DDR2 667/533/400 DIMM up to 4GB; 3.5 in. IDE or SATA HDD; Compact Flash; and SATA Disk-on-Module. It includes 6 PCI-E GbE ports, with PCI-E lanes connecting directly to Ethernet controllers to provide peak bandwidth of 2 Gbps/direction....

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Plug-and-Play Sensor Kit adds to robot in-field versatility.

Modular CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive) kit is available to supplement new or existing GEN IV TALON robots. CBRNE/Hazmat TALON includes sensors for radiation, nerve agents, excessive temperatures, explosives, TNT, and volatile gases. Plug-and-play modularity promotes application adaptability and versatility. Heavy-duty shoulder and gripper are also available,...

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Service offers Java support for application development.

Aptana Cloud Connect(TM) v1.2.5 application hosting and life-cycle management service focuses on web applications using Java Servlets, Java Servlet Pages, Java Server Faces, The Spring Framework for Java, and related technologies. Integrating with cloud hosting providers and Aptana Studio, it helps with authoring, deploying, and managing Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other web applications...

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Software enables PDF markup and editing.

Featuring plug-ins for MicrosoftÂ-® Office, AutoCADÂ-®, and SolidWorksÂ-® applications, Bluebeam PDF Revu 7.0 enables conversion to PDF from any Windows file. Batch for Office allows users to create PDFs from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, while Scan to PDF and native image conversion eliminate unnecessary steps when converting various images. Users can select from list of hatch...

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