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Construction Equipment and Supplies

MOSFET Gate Drivers are optimized for switching efficiency.

Available in 8-lead SOIC and 10-lead DFN packages, ISL6615 and ISL6615A have 4 A source and sink gate drive currents for UGATE and 4 A source with 6 A sink on LGATE to reduce gate voltage rise and fall times. This minimizes switching losses and promotes efficiency. Both models also support 9.6 and 12 V input rails, and designers can choose versions which support 3.3 V PWM signals (ISL6615) or 5 V...

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Controls & Controllers

Power MOSFETs come in isolated 6-pack power module.

TrenchMV(TM) Power MOSFETs are integrated in isolated power module, ISOPLUS-DIL, as 3-phase bridge (6-pack configuration). GWM module series is built with ceramic isolated surface using IXYS DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) and packaging technology. This combination optimizes synergies that promote performance, thermal cycling (no thermal fatigue), and efficiency. Surface-mountable module is offered in...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Scalable UPS delivers secure power to data centers.

Available in single- and multi-module systems, 90-NET 3-phase online UPS delivers 675 kW, 750 kVA per module to loads with power factors from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging without de-rating or modification. Design assures data center operators of maximum power system reliability, up to 99.999%, while also offering dual inputs and battery management support. Modules have online double conversion...

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Software provides supervisory control and DAQ solution.

Designed to complement isoLynxÂ-® SLX200 data acquisition hardware system, browser-based ReDAQ(TM) runs as service under Microsoft Windows XP Pro. Program generates data tables and Excel spreadsheets, and includes built-in lossless historian, which runs automatically and continuously captures data at regular intervals. Administrator creates I/O Website using ReDAQ(TM)-Designer, which allows...

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Self-Leveling Rotary Lasers suit interior/exterior use.
Portable Tools

Self-Leveling Rotary Lasers suit interior/exterior use.

Designed with automatic horizontal self-leveling system, Models DW078 and DW079 provide accuracy at -±1/8 in. per 100 ft, while Model DW074 offers accuracy of -±-¼ in. per 100 ft. Model DW074, powered by 2 D batteries, is equipped with 2 mW beam that delivers 1,000 ft working diameter. Powered by 9.6-18 V, 4 mW Model DW078 and 5 mW Model DW079 have working beam diameter of 2,000 ft. All lasers...

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Enterprise 2.5 in. SATA HDD operates at 10,000 rpm.

Featuring 1.4 million hr MTBF, WD VelociRaptor(TM) HDDs are designed and manufactured to enterprise-class standards for reliability in high-duty cycle environments. Capacities up to 300 GB, SATA 3 Gbps interface, and 16 MB cache make drives suited for business-critical applications. Intended for use in blade servers and 1U/2U rack servers, HDDs utilize Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward technology...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Capillary GC Columns handle challenging active analytes.

With low column bleed and minimum compound loss and degradation, J&W Ultra Inert Capillary GC Columns consistently provide sensitivity and integrity when analyzing active compounds and trace-level samples, and screening for unknown samples. Units support 0.18 mm ID configuration for high throughput applications. Columns are suited for environmental, food/flavors/fragrances, forensics,...

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