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Communication Systems & Equipment

Network Appliance suits high capacity cluster applications.

Integrating parallel, non-blocking architecture with SAN functionality, S2A Cluster Storage Solution allows organizations to leverage DataDirect Networks as a single vendor to consolidate hardware support. Product delivers up to 100 Gbps aggregate I/O, 2 Gbps client I/O, 11,000 client support, and automated data protection. S2A solution also supports petabytes of storage Fibre Channel or SATA...

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Electronic Components & Devices

Ultracapacitor Module suits systems requiring up to 1,500 V.

Based on 2.7 V BOOSTCAPÂ-® MC3000 power cells, BOOSTCAPÂ-® HTM BMOD0063-P125 module is designed for braking energy recuperation and torque assist systems in hybrid bus/truck drive trains and electric rail vehicles. Incorporating balancing, monitoring, and thermal management, 125 V module sustains continuous current of up to 150 A in high-temperature environments. Measuring 315 x 425 x 744...

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Fasteners & Hardware

Sealing Nuts withstand 6,000 psi hydrostatic pressure.

Designed to lock out moisture, vapors, liquids, and pressurized air, BarTite Seal Fast nuts are suited for use in industrial and commercial applications, filtering, hydraulics, and motors. Nuts feature plastisol formula resistant to petrochemicals, acids, solvents, and salt spray. On application of torque, plastisol flows out in every direction to provides 360Â-

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Keyboard is designed for video editing.

DV Keyboard offers built-in jog/shuttle controller that gives users precise control for efficiently editing video clips. Two USB 2.0 ports allow devices to be plugged directly into keyboard, while 3 power ports for optional NeoLite dual-LED task light help illuminate work area. Compatible with Mac and PC platform, keyboard includes programmable web, e-mail, multimedia keys, and sticker sets for...

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Development Software has template-driven architecture.

CodeSmith v4.0 includes unified project system that integrates into Microsoft's Visual Studio developer suite and CodeSmith's IDE. ActiveSnippets capability enables developers to reuse advanced snippets of complex code, such as creating class properties based on column information from database table. Integrated .netTiers v2.0 Open Source template suite provides complete architecture using...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Handwritten Note Product uses digital writing technology.

Combining handwritten note product with note delivery service, Notegram allows realtors, sales professionals, and financial advisors to write on pad of Notegram notes with digital pen and dock pen in USB cradle for note retrieval. Customer then specifies to whom and when note should be sent and form it should take: e-card, email, or physical mailing. Notegram Service than delivers note in the...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

LVDS SerDes Chipsets feature embedded clock architecture.

Eliminating need for second oscillator, Model DS90UR241 serializer and DS90UR124 deserializer chipset serializes 24 bits of data over single differential pair (2 wires) at data rate of 1.03 Gbps. SerDes chipset drives high-quality video data over 10 m of cable. Features include random data lock feature that enables quick recovery from datastream disruptions, at-speed BIST link diagnostics, and...

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Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Mezzanine Card is designed for Serial RapidIO interconnects.

Available as reference design and ready-to-manufacture solution, Model ZLE(TM)60400 optical extender card reduces complexity of optically enabled line cards used in signal processing, networking, and communications equipment. It delivers up to 25 Gb/sec of ATCA and microTCA system interconnect in hot pluggable, standard AMC form factor. Standalone solution can be used with off-the-shelf...

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