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Temperature Calibrator with two calibration wells.
Architectural & Civil Engineering Products

Temperature Calibrator with two calibration wells.

Model 9011 temperature block calibrator with 2 independently controlled calibration wells covers -22 deg F to 1238 deg F range. 9011 dry-well offers stability to ±0.01 deg C and display accuracy to ±0.1 deg C. Its RS-232 interface with instrument control software allows temperature calibration work to be automated. Users can choose from 4 multi-hole inserts (6-8 holes per insert). Up...

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Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment

Spectrometry Systems improve productivity.

ELAN 9000 Inductively-Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) system provides tool for routine ultratrace level analysis. ELAN DRC II eliminates polyatomic interferences completely, using Dynamic Reaction Cell(TM) with Axial Field(TM) technology. Both instruments include dual inlet turbomolecular pump and peristaltic pump with tubing saver. They are used in environmental, clinical, geochemical,...

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HPLC Detector and Column Oven can be operated remotely.

Series 200 Liquid Chromatography (LC) product line includes Diode Array-based Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Detector and Peltier Column Oven with integrated column selection valve. Diode Array Detector allows secure transmission of chromatographic and spectral information over networking systems. HPLC Column Oven provides precise temperature control. Both may be controlled from local PCs or...

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Vision Systems

Imaging System reduces analysis time to minutes.

Spectrum(TM) Spotlight 300 IR Imaging System, suitable for analytical services and surface science laboratories, generates images with complete chemical information in minutes instead of hours. Its patented detector technology overcomes traditional limitations of FT-IR imaging systems by eliminating step-scan data collection. Software tools identify differences in chemical content, and provide...

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Software works with normal or reverse phase HPLC.

Turbo Method Development (TMD) software develops high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods, and performs and documents method robustness studies. Built around company's Series 200 Diode Array Detector, TMD runs in concert with TotalChrom(TM) software. It requires no previous knowledge of sample components, has no restriction on analysis time, and can optimize any mobile phase...

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Optics & Photonics

Imaging Station detects wide variety of labels.

Kodak Image Station 1000 offers thermoelectrically cooled CCD technology. CCD pixel density of 1024 x 1024 and 10x optical zoom produces high resolution (20 micron/pixel at full zoom) as well as 16- and 32-bit image acquisition, which provide linearity of response over wide dynamic range for accurate intensity measurements. ID Image Analysis Software controls Image Station 1000, and provides...

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Communication Systems & Equipment

Preamplifier uses avalanche photodiodes.

C30659-Series includes low noise Gasfet front end, avalanche photodiodes, and hybrid preamplifier in single modified 12-lead TO-8 package. Avalanche photodiodes can be either silicon or indium gallium arsenide and emitter follower is used as output buffer stage. It has strong response between 400 and 1700 nanometers. To obtain wideband characteristics, output of preamp should be ac coupled to...

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Flash Lamp illuminates analytical applications.

Guided Arc Pulsed FX-4400 Xenon Flashlamp provides high-intensity, long-life light source for analytical applications requiring large area illumination or simultaneous sample screening, such as absorption spectroscopy, fluorimetry, HPLC, colorimetry and stroboscopy. Lamp has integral parabolic reflector, concentrated output beam, arc stability, microsecond pulse durations, and high-intensity...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Image Sensor provides cool pictures.

RA1133J full-frame cooled CCD image sensor is suitable for spectroscopic, biomedical, and related scientific imaging applications. It can be integrated into cameras for continuous high-resolution imaging in low light situations. Two stage thermoelectric cooler enables device to be run 40 deg C below ambient temperature, or -15 deg C compared to room temperature. Low noise and dark current make...

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Electrical Equipment & Systems

Duct Systems are made of CPVC.

Corzan(R) CPVC duct systems exhaust volatile fumes and exhibit resistance to chemical attack. Manufactured in pipe sizes from 6 to 24 in. diameters, ducting offers working temperature of 200 deg F and fire resistant properties. It can be connected with fume scrubbers or other emission control equipment. Applications include pulp and paper, metals finishing, water and wastewater treatment,...

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