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Software automatically removes intrusive PC threats.

With ability to remove over 270,000 harmful, dangerous, and likely unwanted applications, XoftSpy-SE v2008.1 scans user's complete computer system and detects and removes adware, spyware, trojans, worms, hijackers, toolbars, and keyloggers. It quarantines infected files, blocks pop-ups, prevents identity and credit card theft, speeds processing speed of computer, and cleans and optimizes user's...

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Optics & Photonics

IP Imaging Cameras handle professional security applications.

Including 2 models, i-Pro Network Dome Cameras feature Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology that delivers high quality images attainable in any lighting condition. Model WV-NS954 network PTZ is suited for indoor applications or for outdoor use in camera housing, while IP66 rated Model WV-NW964 is weatherproof outdoor network PTZ. Both feature dual-stream MPEG4/JPEG output, SD memory card slot for...

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Graphics Software processes Windows Vista icons.

With ability to edit animated GIF-files, Sib Icon Studio v3.10 helps in creating and editing icon images and managing icon files and libraries. It supports TGA file format and graphic formats such as ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, and PNG. Users can opt for advanced PNG compression, which saves images without losses and supports semitransparent images with 8-bit alpha channel. Software can also create...

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Agricultural & Farming Products

Laminator/Die Cut System helps eliminate waste.

Smart Laminator-Die Cut System synchronizes roll lamination and die cutting operations to eliminate causes of stock and laminate production waste. With smart sensors, system can detect sheet misfeeds, sources of improper laminating, or film splices, and automatically stops system so that corrective measures can be taken. Smart start and stop lamination controls also detect missing sheets and film...

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Controls & Controllers

Embedded Bluetooth Module is intended for OEMs.

Enabling OEM manufacturers to embed Bluetooth functionality into their products at design level, Parani-ESD1000 Class 1 embedded Bluetooth module supports 100 m of wireless transmit distance, which can be extended up to 1,000 m by using optional antennas. It supports Bluetooth v2.0+EDR specification, various external interfaces such as UART, USB, PCM, and I2C, as well as multiple Bluetooth...

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Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Metal Detector features super slim detector case design.

Met30+ Waferthin HF is capable of detecting miniscule slivers of stainless steel while maintaining compact detector case design that allows unit to be installed in tight bagger/scale spaces. ADC software system provides onscreen diagnostic tool that features graphic technology, which helps in identifying and resolving problem areas and simplifying data analysis of metal contamination and product...

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Arc Welding Robot suits push-pull aluminum welding.

Featuring bus communication interface to control lift arc start and end, TAWERS-Aluminum MIG can detect when current is flowing and retracts to take pressure off wire, resulting in reliable arc ignition. It uses 3 motor system to ensure accurate wire feed, and features syncro-weaving function and servo feeder for real-time parameter adjustment from thick to thin materials. Product can also use...

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