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Industrial Newsroom®

Industrial Newsroom® is a retail site with the mission of delivering timely, new industrial product information covering the whole range of products from adhesives through waste handling equipment.

With free services such as RSS feeds, Industrial Newsroom® makes this valuable information available to all who are interested in the latest industrial products.

A product of Thomas Publishing Company, LLC, Industrial Newsroom®, is possibly the only, but definitely the most comprehensive source of new and timely product information in the industrial marketplace. Industrial Newsroom® supplies new product information to the Web sites, e-marketplaces and print publications that serve the industrial marketplace.

With the advent of the Internet, Thomas Publishing Company, LLC saw an opportunity to supply the need in the industrial marketplace for reliable and swift delivery of information on new industrial products in a concise and easily digestible format. Thomas Publishing Company, LLC created Industrial Newsroom® to meet this need and drew on the lessons learned over the last 70 years by Industrial Equipment News® (IEN), a product news tabloid magazine also published by Thomas Publishing Company, LLC. During those years IEN refined the process and format that delivered new product information to industrial decision-makers in the way they wanted to receive and read this news.

Thousands of manufacturers generate new product news releases and send them to Industrial Newsroom®. Our editors review all releases to ensure the information is new to the industrial marketplace. Once approved by our editors, the releases are written-up and distributed in a user-friendly format. Because we are not held to the constraints of print publications, we can include all releases, if they are product specific and industry based, as soon as they are available.

If you are a manufacturer, Industrial Newsroom® should be the first destination for your product specific releases. Within 48 to 72 hours of receipt, your new product information will be fed to an ever-growing network of websites and users that have a vital need for your specific information.

If you are an industrial buyer or decision-maker, within 48 to 72 business hours, you will have access to the most recent, ground-breaking news in your specific industry.

Thomas Publishing Company, LLC

For more than 100 years, Thomas Publishing Company, LLC has concentrated its full energies on filling one of the industry's greatest challenges - the need for up-to-date product information. No other publisher is as totally dedicated to this mission.

Thomas Publishing Company, LLC is the acknowledged leader in providing industry with the product information it needs both in print and electronically. Today, Thomas Publishing Company, LLC publishes 25 major buying guides, 25 product news magazines, two product information exchange services, a magazine on factory automation and a magazine that teaches business logistics managers effective supply chain management.

In addition, Thomas Publishing Company, LLC offers a variety of services from comprehensive list management for direct marketing to industrial market research which helps companies respond to industry's need for new products.

To learn more about the Thomas Publishing Company, LLC family of industrial information products, visit www.thomaspublishing.com.