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Display & Presentation Equipment, Electrical Equipment & Systems

Explosionproof 450 W High Bay LED Fixture mounts to I-beam.

November 25, 2015

Operating from 100–277 Vac, DLC-approved EPL-IBM-3X150LED-RT is built to withstand abusive industrial applications in hazardous areas. This Class 1 Division 1 and 2, Class 2 Division 1 and 2, IP67-rated light fixture has powder coated, copper-free aluminum alloy body and produces 37,500 lm while drawing 450 W. Heat dissipating design and LED technology achieve 60,000 hr rated lifespan with 80% lumen retention. After installation, operators can tilt light 90° in both directions for aiming.
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Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools, Paints & Coatings

Stainless Steel Polishers achieve one-step #8 mirror finish.

November 25, 2015

Instant Polish Line includes stainless steel polishing products available in 3 formats: pre-applied on Quick Step Instant Polish Disc and Instant Polish Belt or stand-alone paste. Designed for industries where high quality mirrored finishes are required, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and construction and design, these products eliminate 3–4 steps in polishing process, including need to clean in-between polishing steps, and reduce consumable changeover frequency.
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Thermal & Heating Equipment, Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Cleanroom Conveyor Oven cures low-friction coating onto vials.

November 25, 2015

Electrically heated Gruenberg NFPA 86 Class A Conveyor Oven cures thin coating onto glass vials, used in pharmaceutical industry, to produce low-friction surface. This 4-module, 400°C oven, which contains 3 heating chambers and one chamber for cooling, processes 120 vials/min as they advance in trays along >30 ft conveyor belt. Installed in each chamber, 1,750 cfm, vertical-down, air-circulation system with HEPA filters ensures uniform heat distribution. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

Illuminated Switches feature sealed, shock-resistant design.

November 25, 2015

Designed after traditional pushbutton, FD Series integrates superimposed filters which react to green and red light only, allowing display of different legends, depending on illumination color. Units feature 2 different legends on single switch, making them suited for integrated designs where additional switches or indicators are not necessary. Three standard legends include I/O, ON/OFF, and START/STOP. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Material Handling & Storage, Textile Industry Products

Horizontal Slitter Rewinder serves high-volume operations.

November 25, 2015

Suited for label slitting, inspection, and rewinding, HSI slitter rewinder has end-to-end servo control design and employs Rotoflex URC 2.0 control system with menu-driven UI that lets operators monitor all functions from one screen. Features include 330 and 440 mm web widths, 1,000 fpm running speed, and extra-large inspection table as well as ergonomic, 37 in. high editing area. Slitting module is designed for accessibility, and web path is straightforward. Various options are available. Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products, Electrical Equipment & Systems

MIMO Sector Antennas offer true 180-degree coverage.

November 25, 2015

Consisting of 180° dual-band MIMO sector antenna, Model HG2458-13P-180 combines high-gain and dual-band support for applications in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. Model HG5813DP-180, a 180° dual-polarized MIMO sector antenna, delivers high-gain with vertical and horizontal polarization for applications in 4.9–5.8 GHz frequency bands. Both feature heavy-duty UV-resistant plastic radomes for all-weather operation, and dual-feed system via 2 integral N-Female connectors. Read More

Welding Equipment & Supplies

CC/CV Welding System offers multi-process arc performance.

November 25, 2015

Accepting 4 and 8 in. diameter wire spools and running .023–.035 in. diameter wires, Rebel EMP 215ic provides industrial quality arc for MIG, flux-cored, Lift TIG, and Stick welding. Users can switch from 230 V to 120 V primary power by connecting supplied adapter plug. sMIG (smart MIG) function enables users to begin MIG welding just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. Weighing 40 lb, portable unit features 5-handle roll cage and unibody construction. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Communication Systems & Equipment

GaN MMIC Power Amplifier suits pulsed radar applications.

November 25, 2015

Rated for 25 W and 8.5–11.0 GHz operation, Model CMPA801B025 features 37 W typical POUT, 16 dB power gain, 35% typical power added efficiency, and less than 0.1 dB power droop. X-Band GaN MMIC Power Amplifier is internally matched to 50 Ω, and is supplied in both 10-lead metal/ceramic flanged package, and smaller form factor pill package for optimal electrical and thermal performance. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Fasteners & Hardware, Electrical Equipment & Systems

Two-Part Clamps support coarse- and fine-profile conduit.

November 25, 2015

Featuring single rib that makes brackets compatible with both coarse- and fine-profile conduit, PMA® GP Two-Part Support Clamps are designed for use in rail vehicles and vehicles with particularly demanding requirements, as well as wind turbines and other special-purpose machinery. Units offer simplified assembly, with locating pins to lightly hold 2 halves in position. By allowing conduit to turn within bracket, clamps avoid torsion and extend service life. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Planar Grinder helps maximize productivity in metallography.

November 25, 2015

Using fixed 12 in. grinding stone in conjunction with 5.7 hp motor, PlanarMet 300 can remove up to 0.6 mm of material per minute. Central-force specimen holder accommodates up to 10 samples at a time and enables 3–4 grinding stages to be combined into single step, whereby amount of material to be removed can be programmed in increments of 0.1 mm. For accurate material removal, grinder offers timed-cycle or controlled material depth mode, with adjustable powerhead speed and direction of rotation. Read More

Optics & Photonics, Test & Measuring Instruments

PAR Meter measures natural and artificial light sources.

November 25, 2015

Consisting of hand-held spectrometer-based Photosynthetically Active Radiation meter, Model BTS256-PAR provides PAR, illuminance, color, and spectral data to fully analyze any type of natural and artificial light source including SSL/LEDs employed in plant growth applications. Built-in electro-optical shutter for dark-signal compensation increases linear dynamic range of C-MOS diode array detector, while large area diffuser provides precise cosine corrected measurement geometry. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Green & Clean, Display & Presentation Equipment

LED Luminaire conserves energy for site and roadway applications.

November 25, 2015

Offered in 4 optical distributions that deliver controlled, uniform illumination, Lumark Prevail combines arm mount for facilitated installation and multiple controls options: scheduled on/off, scheduled dimming, occupancy detection, and daylight harvesting. Lumen packages range from 6,100–15,100 lm for replacing HID products from 150–400 W, and lumen maintenance is rated >92% at 60,000 hr. Architectural design includes 3G vibration and IP66 rated die-cast fixture housing. Read More

Sensors, Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Heavy-Duty Rotary Encoders withstand harsh environments.

November 25, 2015

Supplied in low-profile package, LP Series provides precise motion control feedback in extreme environments. Three types are available in incremental or absolute single turn outputs: compact version with cable or connector terminations, terminal box option, and explosion proof model. Supplied in anodized aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics, IP66-rated encoders withstand vibration up to 200 m/s², shock up to 3,000 m/s², and temperatures from -40 to +100°C. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Video Inspection System helps eliminate eye strain.

November 25, 2015

Designed to eliminate fatigue commonly associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes, Macro Vue HD Video Inspection System features adjustable front-mounted 10 in. LC HD monitor as well as wide range zoom lens with adjustable iris, zoom, and focus mounted to durable stand. Stand-alone system utilizes 1080p, 60 fps camera with integrated menu system and USB image capturing capabilities. LED ring light with brightness control provides shadow-free illumination. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Pressure Density Cup eliminates errors from entrapped air.

November 25, 2015

Density or specific gravity is affected by entrapped air bubbles in liquid under test. With fixed internal volume of 100 mL, Model VF2095 compresses sample so that any errors due to entrapped air or gas are eliminated. By then weighing pressurized sample, true density can be calculated. Model VF2085 offers high level of repeatability and can be taken apart for cleaning. Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Display & Presentation Equipment

LED Lighting System continuously produces seamless illumination.

November 25, 2015

Used to create modern spaces, LX4 produces seamless line of light rated up to 1,200 lm/ft. System's 4 in. narrow aperture provides smooth, uninterrupted illumination with LEDs. In addition to featuring fully lit horizontal corners and vertical transitions, this architectural lighting system is available with recessed, surface, suspended, and wall mounting options. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

EPDM Material meets European food contact regulations.

November 25, 2015

Specifically formulated to meet demanding food contact requirements of European Commission framework regulation EC1935/2004, Qmonix 558EC exhibits optimized performance in both hot and cold process applications. Product is chemical-resistant as well as ozone-and UV-resistant for sanitation processes. With standard durometer of 70, material is suited for equipment used in beverage dispensing, frozen dairy products, liquid filling and packaging. Read More

Transportation Industry Products, Robotics, Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Marine Server provides users with complete audio control.

November 25, 2015

Built on NMEA 2000® Audio Entertainment protocol, SonicHub®2 gives users complete control of songs, radio stations, as well as video from HDS Gen3 multifunction displays (MFDs). Black-box solution, compatible with iOS and Android platforms, provides independent dual-zone control and features built-in Bluetooth® audio streaming, dual stereo AUX-IN connections, compatibility with WM-3 SiriusXM® satellite radio/marine weather module, USB ports, and built-in AM/FM antenna. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Rough Terrain Forklift features 15,000 lb capacity.

November 25, 2015

Powered by 74 hp, 4-cylinder intercooled Tier 4 final electronic engine that produces 295 lb-ft of torque, Model S150 provides 15,000 lb capacity at 24 in. load center. Engine is coupled to fully automatic power shift 4-speed transmission and when equipped with 4 x 4 option, allows for on-the-go engagement of steerable drive axle. Fully isolated operator platform minimizes noise and vibration, while load sense steering and power-assisted brakes minimize operator fatigue. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Memory Modules provide RAM that meets precise specifications.

November 24, 2015

Targeting system builders, integrators, and end-users, Dataram Value Memory is fully compliant with Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) specifications and 100% tested. Industry-standard memory modules are available in DDR3 and DDR4 technologies; Registered (RDIMM), Unbuffered (UDIMM), Load-Reduced (LRDIMM), and Small Outline (SODIMM) form factors; standard and low-voltages; and module capacities from 2–32 GB. Read More